Zero Laser is Samus' Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and Smash Bros. Ultimate and Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash in Smash Bros. Ultimate.



Samus initiates Zero Laser by charging her Arm Cannon in front of her before releasing a massive beam of energy, with its range being the length of Final Destination if Zero Laser is used from the furthest side. If opponents get caught in the blast, they will be dragged back while taking damage for four seconds before Samus unleashes a stronger blast, which knocks opponents horizontally. Zero Laser also possesses a vacuum effect, with opponents behind Samus or above her being vulnerable to be caught into the attack. Zero Laser can also be angled slightly by tilting up or down. While its KO potential is weaker in comparison to other Final Smashes, its massive range and vacuum effect make it a difficult Final Smash to escape from.

In Brawl, Zero Laser would force Samus to transform into Zero Suit Samus, with the damaged pieces of the Power Suit being capable of being used as items as well, with the transformation being one of the three ways in which Samus could transform into Zero Suit Samus.

In SSBWU/3DS, Zero Laser no longer transforms Samus into Zero Suit Samus due to the separation of the two characters. It also has faster startup and more range at the expense of less damage. Visually, Zero Laser expands when used as opposed to thinning as in Brawl, and it possesses more aesthetic features.

In Ultimate, when using Zero Laser the jets of the Power Suit will open behind Samus, venting flames and dealing damage to opponents behind her. Samus's Echo Fighter Dark Samus possesses a Final Smash called Phazon Laser, which functions identically to Zero Laser.

Zero Suit Samus

In Ultimate, Zero Suit Samus received a new Final Smash that shares the name with her normal counterpart, though her version functions similarly to Aura Storm albeit with similar visual effects of Zero Laser. In her version, she jumps into her Gunship in the background of the stage and dons her Power Suit. Afterwards, she is able to target an area of the stage with a reticle. After some time or when the attack button is pressed, she will fire a long-lasting beam directly at that area, dealing a high amount of damage before firing a stronger blast.


The move is unique to Brawl, SSB4 and SSBU, and is the first to display Samus using the beam.

Originally, Samus's Power Suit is somehow lost in a crash when her starship is shot down in Metroid: Zero Mission, not involving any type of beam on her part.

The corrupted bounty hunter Gandrayda can use a move nearly identical to the Zero Laser when mimicking Samus' form in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, though, due to the game's release date, this is likely a coincidence or possibly a reference to Brawl instead. Also in Metroid Prime 3, Samus could access Hyper Mode, during which her charge beam move is strikingly similar to the Zero Laser, though this beam actually consists of two beams intertwined and rapidly fires streams of Phazon beams instead of one massive beam.

The Zero Laser may also have been inspired by the Hyper Beam, an extremely powerful attack used against Mother Brain at the end of Super Metroid, though their appearances differ, as well as the Hyper Beam having no known detrimental effects.


  • A glitch can be performed with this Final Smash that makes it so Samus doesn't transform to Zero Suit Samus. Performing it is the same as performing the Puff Up, Diffusion Beam, and Golden Glitches: play on Bridge of Eldin (or any stage with reforming terrain; this does not include custom stage Drop Blocks) and, when the bridge in the middle is repairing itself, go between the ledges, activate the Final Smash so that when the bridge is whole again, Samus will pop back onto the bridge without transforming, much like when how a character normally does when caught in the bridge's reformation.
  • It should also be noted that Pit's Mirror Shield, when tilted upwards, can negate all but the final blast of this Final Smash. Whether this is really a glitch or not is unknown.

Trophy Description

Zero Laser.png

Zero Laser (SSBB)

Samus's Final Smash. The beam emerging from her Arm Cannon is dreadfully powerful and causes great damage to enemies. The beam travels slowly but can be swept up and down. The recoil of the beam is so great that it tears off her Power Suit, revealing Zero Suit Samus. The pieces of her armor can be picked up and thrown as weapons.


Zero Laser (SSBWU/3DS)

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Samus unleashes a massive, long-range beam from her Arm Cannon as her Final Smash. Fighters on the edges of the beam will be drawn in, taking more and more damage. The sheer power of this weapon makes it tough to aim once it's firing, but it's possible to adjust the beam up and down. 

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In Samus's Final Smash, she unleashes a huge laser beam from her Arm Cannon that draws opponents to the centre of the beam. Quite handy, since the closer they are to the centre, the more damage they'll take! You can also angle it up and down (albeit slowly), letting you catch more of your enemies and create more havoc. 


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