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|firstgame = ''[[Super Mario World]]'' (1990)
|firstgame = ''[[Super Mario World]]'' (1990)
|availability = [[Starter]]
|availability = [[Starter]]
|tier = A
|tier = N/A
|ranking = 8
|ranking = N/A

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This article is about Yoshi's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For other uses, see Yoshi.

Yoshi was confirmed during the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Nintendo Direct. He retains an almost identical cosmetic appearance to his Super Smash Bros. Brawl incarnation but with small differences including being changed to a lighter tint of green to match some of his modern appearances from some past and future games.


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Differences from Brawl

Yoshi received many changes, one of them being his stance, with him now standing upright, much like Bowser. Due that, he also has new animations, with some of his attacks being changed. While some of his attacks deal less damage, he is much faster overall.


  • Much lighter than in Brawl.
  • Dash is slightly faster.
  • Forward Crawling is faster.
  • Yoshi can now jump out of shield, like he could in the original Super Smash Bros.
  • Decreased damage in many attacks.
  • Second jump has lower acceleration.
  • All egg-related appearances, such as his shield, Egg Lay, Egg Throw, Egg Roll now match his selected color.

Ground Attacks

  • Up Tilt, Down Tilt and Forward Smash deal less damage.
  • Up Smash has a different animation, where Yoshi performs a back flip similar to Fox's Up Smash. It is faster and causes higher knockback, but also less damage.
  • Down Smash causes much higher knockback, but deals less damage. However, the second hit has higher reach.
  • Dash Attack has a new animation, where Yoshi performs a running kick instead of a headbutt. It has more range, causes more knockback, has less ending lag and the hitbox lasts for longer as he slides.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral and Up Aerials deal less damage.
  • Forward Aerial is much faster and has a larger hitbox, with Yoshi's head "growing" larger.
  • Back Aerial's final hit has a larger hitbox, connecting better with the other hits. However, it hits three times instead of four, dealing less damage overall, but being slightly faster.
  • Up Aerial has a larger hitbox at Yoshi's body rather than mainly on his tail.
  • Down Aerial is faster, and the last hit, when used against enemies on ground, now pushes them horizontally. Additionally, it causes Yoshi to stall a bit while using it, allowing for the hits to connect better. However, it causes less damage and is no longer a Meteor Smash when used against opponents in midair, launching them upwards.

Grabs and Throws

  • No longer able to perform air release chain grab.

Special Attacks

  • Egg Lay causes the opponent to take half the damage from any attacks while trapped.
  • Egg Throw's projectile is faster and goes farther, but causes less damage. Also Yoshi can only gain vertical recovery three times when using it in the air, after it won't affect his momentum and stall him anymore. Additionally, it has rainbow colored indicator to show the trajectory of the projectile.
  • Egg Roll no longer puts Yoshi in a helpless state.
  • Yoshi Bomb causes much higher knockback.


Ground Attacks

  • Standard Combo: Kicks twice in front of him. 3%, 4%. Total 7%.
  • Side Tilt: Spins around, attacking with his tail. 7%.
  • Up Tilt: Swipes upwards with his tail. 7%.
  • Down Tilt: Swipes the ground with his tail. 5% up close, 4% at max range.
  • Dash attack: Jumps forward, leg outstretched. Though the attack's launch power scales poorly with the opponent's damage, it has a lot of base knockback.  9%.
Smash Attacks
  • Side Smash: Headbutts forward. Can be more or less effective depending on where it hits.

Uncharged: Min 13%, max 15%. Fully charged: Min 18%, max 21%.

  • Up Smash: Does a backflip, kicking upwards. Less damage to opponents on Yoshi's back.

Uncharged: 14%, 12% at his back. Fully charged: 19%, 16% at his back.

  • Down Smash: Swpies with his tail on both sides..

Uncharged: 12%. Fully charged: 16%.

Other attacks
  • Edge attack: Climbs the edge and does a tail swipe. 7%.
  • Rise attack: Gets up kicking both sides of him. 7%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Stretches his leg forward very quickly.  10% sweet spotted, 5% if not.
  • Front Air: Headbutts forward. Requires very good timing to spike14% - 15%.
  • Up Air: Smacks upwards with his tail. Can KO at around 120%. 12%.
  • Down Air: Yoshi's infamous flutter kick. Hits multiple times below him. Damage is very unpredictable, and it is nearly impossible to hit a non-CPU player with all of the kicks. Some kicks deal 3%, others 2%, others 1% depending on where they land. Max damage is around 30%.
  • Back Air: Swipes backwards with his tail three times. 2%, 3%, 3%, 10% if all of the hits land.

Grabs and Throws

Yoshi has extra range on his grab, as it involves grabbing them with his tongue. He can't use his tongue for tether recoveries though!

  • Pummel: Chews opponent. 2%.
  • Up throw: Spits opponent upwards. 5%.
  • Frontal throw: Spits opponent in front of him. 7%.
  • Back throw: Spits opponent to his back. 7%.
  • Down throw: Spits opponent on the floor. 4%.

Special Moves

Yoshi's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Egg Lay
Side Special Egg Roll
Up Special Egg Throw
Down Special Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon Stampede!

Yoshi's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Lick Egg Launch
Side Special Heavy Egg Roll Light Egg Roll
Up Special High Jump Timed Egg Throw
Down Special Star Bomb Crushing Bomb


  • Up Taunt: Does a little dance. At the end, he says "Yoshi!".
  • Side Taunt: Chases his tail around, as if imitating a dog.
  • Down Taunt: Jumps cheerfully saying "Yoshi, Yoshi!" and waving his hands.

In Competitive Play

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Trophy Description



As dependable a partner as one could hope for, Yoshi often aids Mario in his adventures. Yoshi can swallow just about anything and make an egg of it instantly. He's got some serious airborne power, making launching opponents skyward and then following up with more attacks a wise choice.

  • SNES - Super Mario World (08/1991)
  • SNES - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (10/1995)

Yoshi (Alt)

Yoshi's up special move Egg Throw is a projectile attack that travels farther the longer the button is held. Yoshi will also rise a bit if this move is used in midair. The side special Egg Roll turns Yoshi into a rolling, damaging egg. Yoshi won't roll off an edge if no directions are pressed.

Yoshi + Egg 1

This heartwarming contraption looks more at home in a theme park than a raceway, but don't be fooled--this egg-shaped frame can dive under the sea or soar through the skies with ease! Your opponents will be filled with envy when you break this out in Mario Kart 7.

Other Features

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Costume Gallery


  • As stated by Sakurai, Yoshi now stands and walks more upright, unlike a dinosaur in his previous Smash incarnations. The change could be the reason he was revealed much later than the rest of the Original 8.
  • Yoshi was the only one of the eight starter characters from the first Super Smash Bros. to not be revealed in the first trailer.
  • Sakurai stated Yoshi's attacks are more powerful.
  • Yoshi can now throw eggs directly vertically and horizontally.
  • Moving closer to how Melee's mechanics were, Yoshi's Egg Throw is under full command from the player and no longer has pre-programmed routes, unlike Brawl.
  • For the first time since the original Super Smash Bros., Yoshi can now jump out of his shield.


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