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Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yosshī) is a returning veteran that was confirmed in April 8, 2014, during the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Nintendo Direct.

Yoshi currently ranks 34th on the tier list due to being heavy yet fast, allowing him to have attacks which are both powerful and high-priority. Both his ground and air games are strong, and his special moves possess many spacing, trapping, and damage capabilities. However, he still lacks a real recovery, his smash attacks have high ending lag, and his grab leads to weak throws and is easy to punish.



  • Has an unusual combination of being a heavy character with very high mobility, having the highest air speed in the game, as well as fast dashing speed.
  • Very combo oriented.
  • Can crawl.
  • Has the highest midair jump in the game, which also grants him heavy armor with a decent amount of launch resistance.
  • Has many fast moves with little landing lag, most notably his Tilts and some Aerial Attacks.
  • His Neutral Aerial is one of the strongest sex kicks in the game.
  • Has a Meteor Smash: Forward Aerial.
  • His Down Aerial deals the highest damage of all aerials in the game, dealing around 30%, assuming all hits connect.
  • Egg Lay is great for setting up traps and reads.
  • Egg Throw is a powerful spacing and edge-guarding tool.
  • Egg Roll has surprisingly high priority.
  • Yoshi Bomb inflicts a good deal of shield damage.


  • Poor vertical recovery, lacking a proper recovering Special Move.
  • Predictable recovery, relying heavily on his midair jump.
  • All Smash Attacks have considerable ending lag.
  • Very punishable grab if it misses, as it has long starting and ending lag.
  • Very weak throws, none of them capable of KO'ing or comboing reliably.
  • Has second longest dodge-roll in the game, after Samus.


Yoshi's stats by Kurogane Hammer.

Yoshi is an All-Rounder type of character, focusing on Rushdown tactics. His fantastic aerial speed, which boasts from being the fastest in the game, gives him great mobility and in the form of a very offensive gameplay. This allows players to greatly control the spacing of his moves and make approaches that are safe on shield, as Yoshi can retreat while using some moves. He is also a surprisingly heavy character considering his speed, ranking among the Top 15 in the game.

Yoshi has a solid ground game, with various poking tools which gives him high pressure power, which usually lead opponents to his air combos. His Neutral Attack, Forward Tilt and Down Tilt are all very fast and excellent combo starters and useful for edge-guarding. Up Tilt, while lacking range, is a great setup for most of his Aerial Attacks. His Dash Attack is quite hard to punish as it can easily make him go past the opponent, being safe on shield most of the time. All Smash Attacks are quite powerful and fast, with good range and considerable amount of active frames.

The core of his game lies in his powerful aerial game. His fast air mobility combined with high priority moves makes him very hard to punish. His Neutral Aerial ranks as one of the best sex kicks in the game, with very long lasting hitboxes and active frames, as well good range and priority, being his best combo starter and also good for interrupting enemy combos. His Forward Aerial is a powerful Meteor Smash which can be cancelled in short hops, and is a great follow up after a sourspotted Neutral Aerial. His Back Aerial traps opponents between hits, being great for edge-guarding and combos. His Up Aerial is his strongest aerial move, having high vertical range, but a small horizontal hitbox. His Down Aerial is potentially the strongest aerial move in the game in terms of damage, assuming all this connect, and is also a great edge-guard tool that can lead into footstool kills if the player purposely misses the last hit.

As for his Special Moves, they all have its portion of utility, complementing his already potent moveset. Egg Lay is a great tool for setting traps and reads after the opponent breaks free, allowing for earlier KOs if near the ledge; the classic Egg Lay to Down Aerial still works, especially against opponents with high percentages, as breaking free from the egg will take longer. Egg Roll, while not aiding his recovery, can be used as a retreating option, and has surprisingly high priority, being quite hard to punish. Egg Throw is a very versatile projectile which can be angled, allowing Yoshi to stop approaches and edge-guard. Finally, Yoshi Bomb is a good out of shield move, with high priority and speed, being useful as a surprise move or alternative for fast falling.

Yoshi's fatal flaw, however, lie in his predictable and gimpable recovery, even though his aerial mobility aids this problem. While his second jump is the highest in the game, it is his only means to recover, as he lacks a proper recovery move in his Special Attacks. His Up Special does grants him some vertical boost, but it is not enough to remedy the problem, and his Egg Roll, unlike Jigglypuff's Rollout, doesn't sends him forward in the air. This makes Yoshi very susceptible to Meteor Smashes and footstool jumps. Another problem with Yoshi is his poor grab game, with high ending and starting lag for his grab, as well not many options for combos and KOs. His strongest throw, Back Throw, only KOs opponents above 250%, while his Down Throw doesn't have any real guaranteed setups, mostly relying on specific reads.

Overall, Yoshi is a very balanced character, with an intimidating presence in the form of how quick he can approach opponents in the air. While his weaknesses can be exploited, he has a versatile set of tools in his arsenal.

Differences from Brawl

Yoshi received many changes, one of them being his stance, with him now standing upright, much like Bowser. Due to that, he also has new animations, with some of his attacks being changed. While many of his attacks deal less damage, they are faster, with higher range and more active frames.

As for his appearance, Yoshi retains an almost identical design to his Super Smash Bros. Brawl incarnation, but with small differences including being changed to a lighter tint of green to match some of his modern appearances from some past and future games. Some of the cosmetic changes is that all egg-related appearances, namely his shield, Egg Lay, Egg Throw, Egg Roll now match his selected color.


  • Lighter weight than in Brawl, having now the same weight as Link and Captain Falcon.
  • Faster dashing speed and forward crawling.
  • Yoshi can now jump out of shield, like he could in the original Super Smash Bros., which greatly increases his defensive capabilities.
  • Slightly slower aerial speed, although it is still the highest in the game.
  • Second jump has lower acceleration.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack first hit sends opponents more diagonally above Yoshi, being a good setup for Up Smash or Down Special. However, both hits deal less damage.
  • Forward and Down Tilts are faster, but deal less damage.
  • Up Tilt deals less damage.
  • Forward Smash deal less damage.
  • Up Smash has a different animation, where Yoshi performs a back flip similar to Fox's Up Smash. It is faster and deals more knockback, but less damage. It also lacks a larger hitbox behind Yoshi, like his old Up Smash.
  • Down Smash deals much more knockback, especially in the sweetspot; however, it deals less damage. On the other hand, the second hit has higher reach.
  • Dash Attack has a new animation, where Yoshi performs a running side kick instead of a headbutt. It has more range, deals more knockback, has less ending lag and the hitbox lasts for longer as he slides. This makes the attack much safer on shield.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial deals less damage, but has more range, with Yoshi's foot growing larger.
  • Forward Aerial is much faster and has a larger hitbox, with Yoshi's head growing larger. However, it deals less damage.
  • Back Aerial traps opponents better between hits, with final hit having a larger hitbox and dealing more knockback. However, it hits three times instead of four, dealing less damage overall, but being slightly faster.
  • Up Aerial has a larger hitbox at Yoshi's body rather than mainly on his tail. However, it deals less damage.
  • Down Aerial is faster, but all hits deal less damage, although it is still the strongest aerial in the game in terms of damage. The final hit now deals knockback, which launches opponents horizontally if they're on the ground, but vertically when they're in the air, thus removing the Meteor Smash effect. Additionally, it causes Yoshi to stall a bit while using it, allowing for the hits to connect better. In patch 1.1.1 the move now deals increased shield damage and shield stun.

Grabs and Throws

  • No longer able to perform air release chain grab.
  • Pivot Grab has more ending lag.

Special Attacks

  • Egg Lay now causes the opponent to take half the damage from any attacks while trapped rather than full damage.
  • Egg Roll no longer puts Yoshi in a helpless state. He can now jump during Egg Roll, increasing mix-ups. Additionally, the move has higher priority.
  • Egg Throw's projectile is faster, but causes less damage, knockback and covers less distance. Also, Yoshi can only gains vertical recovery three times when using it in the air; afterwards, it won't affect his momentum or stall him anymore. Additionally, the projectile has a rainbow colored trail to show the trajectory. Yoshi can no longer edge cancel Egg Throw.
    • Moving closer to how Melee's mechanics were, Egg Throw's trajectory and power is under full command of the player and no longer has pre-programmed routes like Brawl.
  • Yoshi Bomb causes much higher knockback, especially in the air. Also, Yoshi no longer vocalizes during the move, possibly to make it less obvious, as its sound was an indicator of Yoshi using the move.
  • Super Dragon's fireball deals more damage and now goes through opponents, allowing to hit more than one at once. However, the duration has been decreased.


Ground Attacks

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack: Yoshi kicks forward once, and then a second time. 3%, 4%
  • Forward Tilt: Spins around, attacking with a flick of his tail. 7%
  • Up Tilt: Flicks upwards with his tail. 7%
  • Down Tilt: Swipes the ground with his tail. 5% up close, 4% at max range
  • Dash Attack: Jumps forward, leg outstretched. Though the attack's launch power scales poorly with the opponent's damage, it has a lot of base knockback. 9%

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Headbutts forward. 15-21%
  • Up Smash: Does a backflip, kicking upwards. 14-19%
  • Down Smash: Swipes his tail on either side of him. 12-16%

Other attacks

  • Ledge Attack: Climbs the edge and does a tail swipe. 7%
  • Get-Up Attack: Gets up kicking both sides of him. 7%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial: Performs a sex kick. 10% sweetspotted, 5% if not
  • Forward Aerial: Headbutts in a downwards arc. Can spike. 14%
  • Up Aerial: Flicks upwards with his tail.  12%
  • Down Aerial: Yoshi's infamous flutter kick. Hits multiple times below him, but has low range. Kicks may deal between 1-3% depending on where they land. Max damage is around 30%
  • Back Aerial: Flicks backwards with his tail three times. 10% when all hits connect

Grabs and Throws

Yoshi has extended range on his grab, as it involves grabbing them with his tongue; however, he cannot use his tongue for tether recoveries.

  • Pummel: Chews opponent. 2%
  • Up Throw: Spits opponent upwards. 5%
  • Forward Throw: Spits opponent in front of him. 7%
  • Back Throw: Spits opponent to his back. 7%
  • Down Throw: Spits opponent on the floor. 4%

Special Moves

Yoshi's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Egg Lay
Side Special Egg Roll
Up Special Egg Throw
Down Special Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon Stampede!

Yoshi's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Lick Egg Launch
Side Special Heavy Egg Roll Light Egg Roll
Up Special High Jump Timed Egg Throw
Down Special Star Bomb Crushing Bomb


  • Up Taunt: Does a little dance. At the end, he says "Yoshi!".
  • Side Taunt: Chases his tail around, as if imitating a dog.
  • Down Taunt: Jumps cheerfully saying "Yoshi, Yoshi!" and waving his hands.

In Competitive Play

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Trophy Description



As dependable a partner as one could hope for, Yoshi often aids Mario in his adventures. Yoshi can swallow just about anything and make an egg of it instantly. He's got some serious airborne power, making launching opponents skyward and then following up with more attacks a wise choice.

  • SNES - Super Mario World (08/1991)
  • SNES - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (10/1995)

Yoshi (Alt)

Yoshi's up special move Egg Throw is a projectile attack that travels farther the longer the button is held. Yoshi will also rise a bit if this move is used in midair. The side special Egg Roll turns Yoshi into a rolling, damaging egg. Yoshi won't roll off an edge if no directions are pressed.

Yoshi + Egg 1

This heartwarming contraption looks more at home in a theme park than a raceway, but don't be fooled--this egg-shaped frame can dive under the sea or soar through the skies with ease! Your opponents will be filled with envy when you break this out in Mario Kart 7.

Other Features

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Costume Gallery

Yoshi Palette (SSB4).png



  • As stated by Sakurai, Yoshi now stands and walks more upright, unlike a dinosaur, as in his previous Smash incarnations.
    • The change is the reason he was revealed much later than the rest of the Original 8, as he was the only one of the eight starter characters from the first Super Smash Bros. to not be revealed in the first trailer and featured in any posters featuring newcomers.
  • For the first time since the original Super Smash Bros., Yoshi can now jump out of his shield.
  • Yoshi is the only veteran that is not an alternate form or part of a set to have splash art and an introduction tagline to accompany his reveal.
  • Even though Yoshi does not vocalize the Yoshi Bomb anymore, he still has the sound effect in the Sound Test.


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