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*Can't jump out of his shield.
*Can't jump out of his shield.
*Mediocre combo ability against floaty characters.
*Mediocre combo ability against floaty characters.
*Though he does not become [[helpless]], if his Up-B is used in mid-air, he will not be able to use his second jump, and and result in an SD if you use it to try to defend yourself away from the ledge.
*Slow grabs, except for pivot grab.
*Slow grabs, except for pivot grab.
*Slow roll.
*Slow roll.

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This article is about Yoshi's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For other uses, see Yoshi.

Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yosshī) is a character appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He appears relatively unchanged, except for one thing--he can now use his Egg Toss as a recovery move (though it only gives him a very small boost). His smashes appear less powerful, but his aerials and tilts are slightly more powerful. He has also taken on his upright posture and his appearance is like the younger Yoshi in Yoshi's Story. He appears to be slightly larger now in relation to the human-sized characters as well.

Changes from Melee to Brawl

  • Egg Toss can be used as a recovery move, providing a very slight boost
  • New Forward Tilt
  • Aerials and tilts are slightly stronger
  • Smashes are slightly weaker
  • Yoshi Bomb is weaker in terms of knockback.
  • The Yoshi Bomb, when used from the ground, now takes an enemy standing directly in front of Yoshi up with him, like the Final Cutter.
  • Grab is sightly faster
  • Stance is different than in Melee
  • Tail is now longer with greater reach
  • Eggs can no longer be tossed backwards very far. To throw backwards, quickly tilt the control stick/pad in the reverse direction (like doing a Reverse Falcon Punch)
  • His Egg Roll now gives him very little horizontal distance when used in the air, making it less effective as a recovery move.
  • Attacking during his double jump does not stop all of his momentum/No Double Jump Cancel.
  • Faster Air speed

Pros and Cons


  • Can Crawl.
  • Heavy, though not overly large.
  • Fastest horizontal air speed in the game.
  • Egg Toss has long range, lots of control, and can be used to easily change direction in mid-air.
  • Egg Lay can catch opponents by surprise.
  • Highest double jump in the game and gives Yoshi knockback resistance.
  • Can perform a tactic similar to wavedashing with a new Advanced Technique called the Dragonic Reverse.
  • Ranged grab.
  • Very good range on his U-air, B-air, F-tilt, D-tilt and down-smash.
  • D-air has very high damaging potential, dealing around 30% if performed just right.
  • Two spikes.
  • Powerful smashes.
  • One of the best aerial chasers, due to his high air speed, quick aerials, and high double jump
  • Fast, high priority N-air and jabs.
  • Shield lasts longer than usual shields. In addition, the shield will not shrink.
  • Good air game/edgeguarding skills due to floatiness and that aerials do not cancel out all momentum from a jump.
  • Jab can cancel many projectiles.
  • Seventh fastest running speed, tenth fastest character.
  • When dashing, his height is reduced, so he can dodge some projectiles while moving.
  • U-air and N-air has high KO and edgeguarding potential
  • Can achieve great speed with Egg Roll, which also has high enough priority to cancel most attacks when going top speed
  • Has possibly the best crawl approaches due to range of D-tilt


  • Second shortest of the range grabs.
  • Can't jump out of his shield.
  • Mediocre combo ability against floaty characters.
  • Though he does not become helpless, if his Up-B is used in mid-air, he will not be able to use his second jump, and and result in an SD if you use it to try to defend yourself away from the ledge.
  • Slow grabs, except for pivot grab.
  • Slow roll.
  • Easy to combo and juggle (although Yoshi Bomb can be used on jugglers).
  • Crawl is barely lower than his dash.

Role In The Subspace Emissary

After removing the Master Sword from a pedestal in a forest, Link encounters Yoshi, who is sleeping on a tree stump. The two team up seconds afterwards to battle the Subspace Army right after Yoshi wakes up.

Later, Yoshi/Pit and Link/Mario will be seen running on a path, a Shadowbug clone of Zelda/Peach will try to turn the duo into trophies, but then Pit/Link slashes the clone's Dark Cannon into two. Mario and Pit/Link and Yoshi will then fight the clone. After the battle, Link/Mario will notice Mario and Pit/Link and Yoshi nearby the clone's trophy, thinking that they killed the real princess, Link/Mario tries to slash/punch Mario/Link. The two teams will then fight each other. After Link and Yoshi/Mario and Pit defeat the opposing characters, King Dedede will pass by and snag the trophies, while Link/Mario notice a trophy of Zelda/Peach in the back. Kirby then later rescues the Link & Yoshi/Mario & Pit trophies and Link/Pit with come to life and strike the cart with an arrow. After which, Kirby, Link, Yoshi, Mario, and Pit team up to find Dedede's hideout.

Event Matches

Co-Op Event Matches


With Yoshi's devastating down aerial (around 30% damage in a good hit) it is highly recommended loading him with foot power-ups such as Excite Bike ([Leg] Attack +31). It is also a good idea to add [tail] and [head] stickers.

Standard Moves

Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack- Left kick, then right kick. Deals 9% if both hit.
  • Dash Attack- Running headbutt that causes 9% damage.
  • Forward Tilt- Tail flick. Causes 9% damage.
  • Down Tilt- Low tail whip. The attack does more damage the closer the opponent is to Yoshi. Hitting with the larger section of Yoshi's tail causes 10% damage and hitting with the tip causes 5% damage.
  • Up Tilt- Tail uppercut. Deals 11% damage.


  • Forward Smash- Headbutt that causes 16% damage uncharged and 22% damage fully charged.
  • Down Smash- Double tail whip (hits on both sides). Causes 14% damage uncharged and 19% fully charged. Hitting a behind opponent causes 1% less damage.
  • Up Smash- Upward headbutt. Deals 16% uncharged and 22% fully charged. The attack can hit behind opponents and cause the same amount of damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial- Single kick. Causes 12% damage.
  • Forward Aerial- Headbutt with the capability to spike. Deals 15-16% damage.
  • Back Aerial- Quadruple tail whip. Causes a maximum of 14% damage.
  • Down Aerial- Flutter kick. Very high damaging attack. Causes a maximum of 33% damage.
  • Up Aerial- Does a flip and hits hard upward with his tail, good knockback too.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel- Chews on the opponent.
  • Forward Throw- Spits the opponent out.
  • Back Throw- Spits the opponent backward.
  • Up Throw- Spits the opponent upward.
  • Down Throw- Jumps up and spits the opponent hard into the ground.

Special Moves


Color Changes

Yoshi's color changes change the color of his body and shoes. All six colors come from Yoshi's Story, where they were the colors of the six Yoshis the player started out with.

  • Green (Original)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Pink

Special Movements


Up: Dances around in a circle and says "Yoshi!".

Side: Spins around, chasing his tail, then looks at it.

Down: Waves to the screen, saying "Yup! Yup!"

On-Screen Appearance

Bursts out of a Yoshi egg.

Idle Stance

  • Looks around, standing very upright.
  • Does a short dance. Similar to down taunt.

Victory Pose

Victory Theme: Yoshi Story Ending Theme

  • Punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen.
  • Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives a peace sign with his hand
  • Punches the air, then makes a "ta-da" pose.

Wii Remote Choice

A sound like his Egg Lay is heard and Yoshi says "Yoshi!"

Credits Music

  • Ending (Yoshi's Story)


  • Yoshi is the only character with a ranged grab that doesn't have a tether recovery.
  • Yoshi is the only character that can eat opponents but not items.
  • Yoshi is the only character with a shield which doesn't decrease.
  • The Bunny Hood doesn't enhance Yoshi's second jump, making it unique in that regard.

Snake's Codec

Snake: Otacon, what's this lizard thing?

Otacon: That's a Yoshi. It's a dinosaur from Yoshi's Island. Watch out for it's long, chameleon-like tongue. If it gets you, you'll be swallowed whole

S: It lays eggs and throws them, right? Then it must be female

O: ...Actually, it's a "He". At least, that's what it says

S: It talks?!

O: Yes! It talks! Well, kind of...

S: Now you've got me curious. How about I capture one so we can see what they taste like..."

O: Uhh, Snake...

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