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Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yosshī, sometimes spelled Yossy in Japan) is a starter character in Super Smash Bros.


One of Yoshi's most known attributes is his shield. It lasts slightly longer than other shields, and it is immune to shield stabbing because it covers his whole body. On the down side, Yoshi has a sluggish roll, and it takes slightly longer for Yoshi to exit his sheild than other characters. Yoshi's neutral special move (egg lay) swallows enemies, does a little bit of damage, and then turns them into eggs. However, the usefullness of this move is questionable. His up special move, egg toss, is a projectile. The arc that it travels in can make it difficult to use, though. His down special move, yoshi bomb, is only useful when used to stop Yoshi from being juggled. Yoshi's grabs have good range due to being tether grabs (although they are still relatively short for tether grabs), but they have a lot of start-up lag. Other pros of Yoshi include being a good juggler (partly because his up smash is both fast and powerful), the ability to double jump cancel, having a shield break combo, and having two spikes (his F-air and D-air). His D-air can also do up to 56% damage if timed correctly, which makes it the most damaging move in the game. Yoshi has knockback resistance during his second jump, but he lacks a third jump. Thus, he is highly vulnerable to being hit after his second jump while recovering.

Normal Moves

SSB64 Yoshi

A Attacks

  • A Kick, 3%
  • AA Double Kick, 3, 5%


  • Forward A Up Kick, 12 (Normally combos into DJC'd/sometimes not DJC'd Forward Air%
  • Up A Up Headbutt, 10 (upwards), Normally combos into up air, back air, down b, down air, or another up tilt, matters the percentage, a very powerful move if used correctly
  • Down A Sweep tail, 8%, possible semi-spike

Smash Attacks

Aerial attacks

combos into other aerial attacks at lower percentages

  • Uair Up Tail, 12%, very powerful in combos using DJC's

sometimes combos into down aerial, other airs, up smash, or other moves

  • Bair Back Tail Kick, 12-14%
  • Dair Drop Kick spike, 12-60%, shield breaker if opponent is above, very, very powerful if all hits hit, can combo out of and into moves



  • Dash attack tackle, 12%
  • Taunt: Raises and lowers its head while turning 450 degrees to its left. It then does the following twice: raises its heels off the ground, raises its arms and opens its mouth, and says "Yoshi!" once


  • Utilt with a Dair to a finishing move. It should rack a large amount of damage and kill at a low percentage. This can be DI'd out of however due to it being a drill.
  • Utilt with a Fair towards the edge of a stage. Great knockout, great spike.
  • B Move (Egg Lay) to a Dair. Rack more damage.
  • Spam Utilt and Uair for juggling.
  • Utilt to an Upsmash to kill.
  • Up tilt to DJC aerials

Special Moves


Yoshi's lack of a third jump is a major hindrance for beginner players, who often steer clear of him. However, Yoshi arguably has one of the best recoveries in the game. This is due to the fact that Yoshi gains knockback resistance during his midair jump, and that it can be canceled. The method of recovery then goes as follows: Yoshi uses his second jump at the last possible moment and then does an aerial attack right when he's above the ground, minimizing the time in which he is vulnerable of being edgeguarded. It is also important to note that while Yoshi only gets a second jump, he can cover much more distance than many other characters.

Palette Swaps


Yoshi's changeable palette swaps in SSB


  • Yoshi is the only character to boast completely unplayable variants, a regular Blue Yoshi and a pink Yoshi, seen when you fight the Yoshi Team in the 1P Game
  • If the player uses Yoshi against the Yoshi Team, all coloured Yoshis still appear, and in the exact same shade as the player's Yoshi.
  • Yoshi takes after his look in Super Mario 64, but because Super Smash Bros. came out a while after that game, and animation techniques were improved in that time, his appearance was slightly updated.
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