Yggdrasil's Altar is a DLC Stage for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is the Hero's home stage and represents the Dragon Quest franchise.

Stage Overview

At the beginning of the match the stage is rooted to the ground before rising into the air then will travel all over Erdrea occasionally additional platforms will fly in most of them have treasure chest that contain items by attacking them but some times Mimics can disguise themselves as treasure chests that will attempt to attack characters.

Other characters that appear in the background of the stage include Cetacea, Liquid Metal Slime, Slime and Tockles.


Yggdrasil's Altar was first introduced in Dragon Quest II it is a giant mythical tree found in isolated and dangerous locations it also plays an important role in Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest IX.

Cetacea made her first debut in Dragon Quest IX serves as Luminary's holy conveyance can be summoned by playing the Calamus Flute.

Another recurring feature were monsters the Slime were one of the first enemies encountered making their debut in Dragon Quest another variation the Liquid Metal Slime is highly agile and evasive but a weak enemy that awards high amounts of EXP first appeared in Dragon Quest II the Mimic that appears as a stage hazard first appeared in Dragon Quest III.

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