Mega Man X (ロックマンエックス, Rockman.EXE), often abbreviated to just X, is a recurring character in several of Capcom's Mega Man sub-series; he is the protagonist in the Mega Man X series, and a major supporting character in the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series.

A Mii Fighter Costume modeled after him was made available as DLC for both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He also makes an appearance in Mega Man's Final Smash, Mega Legends.

Character Description

Mega Man X was designed by Dr. Thomas Light to be the successor to the original Mega Man and is said to be his greatest creation. Unlike most robots, X's consciousness was tested for 30 years before being released, resulting in him having a strong sense of justice and empathy and an unwillingness to harm a human or turn Maverick. Being a pacifist, X will always stand for what he believes is right and tries to avoid any unnecessary violence as much as possible. His ferocity often easily leads him into frustration when things go wrong, often leading to his over-exertion in an effort to correct any mistakes. In contrast to his fierce passion to defending humanity and at times hot-bloodedness, X has been shown to be rather gentle and very dependent of his friends, especially his closest friend Zero.

It is believed that Dr. Light began working on X soon after the events of Mega Man 11. X was developed to be a highly advanced robot with free will and emotions, in addition to other pieces of technology considered far superior than anything at the time. X was born out of Light's dream of robots with true freedom and to grow like natural organisms, but also still feared that X may fall into the wrong hands; thus, he places X in stasis on September 18, 20XX. The capsule wouldn't be opened well beyond the intended completion, as X would be awoken at 100 years since his stasis by Dr. Cain. Cain discovered Light's initial designs for X and found them baffling, despite the century's worth of technological advancement; he would eventually use this schematics and with X's assistance to create the Reploids. However, they were never received the same rigorous testing as X did, which made them susceptible to become Mavericks - Reploids that have become violent and betrayed humanity. This would lead into the formation of the Maverick Hunters - Reploids that work in an police-like organization dedicated to protecting humanity from the Mavericks.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man X

As a result of himself turning into a Maverick, former Maverick Hunter commander Sigma declares his Reploid rebellion on June 4, 21XX. X takes the news personally as he believes himself to be responsible for the rebellion. Newly-made leader of the Maverick Hunters, Zero, rescues X on the Central Highway, finding him attempting to battle the Mavericks on his own, and the two join forces to stop Sigma; Zero tasks X with defeating the eight rogue Maverick Hunters scattered across the globe while Zero goes on reconnaissance to find Sigma's fortress. After X completes his mission, Zero tells him that he's found the hideout; the two rendezvous at its location and prepare to invade it, but are ambushed and overpowered by the traiterous Maverick Hunter Vile, leading to Zero's capture. He encourages X to take on Vile, but he too is also defeated; out of desperation, Zero overloads his Z-Buster to break out of his confidements, destroying his body in the process. Shocked by his sacrifice and fueled by his encouragement, X finally manages to defeat Vile and goes on to face Sigma alone, while Zero seemingly dies. After fighting through copies of the eight Maverick Hunters and Velguarder, X battles Sigma 1-on-1. After a grueling fight, which involves Sigma turning into Wolf Sigma, X prevails and quickly flees as the fortress collapses. Outside, X contemplates the possibility that the Maverick Wars may never end.

Mega Man X2

Six months later, X is named the new leader of the Maverick Hunters, while the Reploid rebellion rages on. Three new powerful Mavericks named Serges, Agile, and Violen, calling themselves the X-Hunters, appear to take control of the North Pole and are revealed to be in possesion of Zero's bodyparts; the trio use them to lure X into the locations of the eight Maverick bosses, promising to hand out a piece of Zero as a reward for defeating them. Eventually, X reaches the X-Hunters' base in the Arctic and defeats them each, but not before they reveal that Sigma has also been revived; when X goes deeper into the base, he hears Sigma taunting and challenging him at the Central Computer. The rest of the story depends on how successful X is in retrieving the bodyparts; if X failed or only collected some, Dr. Cain informs him that the X-Hunters stole the parts the Maverick Hunters managed to retrieve and have used them to assemble an evil clone of Zero, which X must defeat to reach Sigma; if X gathers them all, Dr. Cain will attempt to reassemble and reactivate Zero with his original control chip that survived his initial destruction, and then Zero himself will appear to assist X and defeat his monochrome clone. After either event, Zero creates a pathway for X to pursue a retreating Sigma, allowing him to fight and defeat him. However, Sigma informs them that his true form exists as a computer virus and will eventually return, as well as questioning Zero's allegiance with humanity, ominously calling him "the last of the Doctor's creations". The two robots make their escape from the base and watch as it self-destructs.

Mega Man X3

Sometime later, a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler creates a vaccine that seemingly cures the Mavericks and ending the rebellion. The reformed Reploids go on to form a utopian city named Doppler Town and create an era of peace. This, however, is shortlived as the Reploids are suddenly reverted back to their destructive ways, leading to the blame landing on Doppler, and X and Zero's deployment to contain the new uprising. However, Doppler's forces attack Hunters Base. In the scuffle, X is kidnapped by the traitorous Hunter Mac, forcing Zero to fight him. Afterwards, the two make their way to Doppler Town to contain the riots. After X defeats two of the eight Mavericks causing the riots, he is hunted down by the Nightmare Police officers Bit and Byte, who have been tasked by Doppler to kidnap him. X also learns that Doppler has reconstructed Vile. X eventually manages to catch up to his pursuers and destroys them.

Eventually, X and Zero manage to reach Doppler at his base, who comes to his senses and realizes the damage he has caused. He explains to the duo that he was corrupted by Sigma's computer virus form in order to create a new body. X seeks out Sigma and the two enter into another intense battle, the aftermath of which involves Sigma's pure virus form chasing X and trapping him in a dead-end, which leads to one of two possible endings that depend on Zero's condition; if the player manages to keep Zero alive through the entire game, he will fuse Doppler's antivirus software into his Z-Saber to kill Sigma and rescue X, causing the lab to explode; if Zero lost a life at some point, Doppler sacrifices himself by using his own body as the antivirus, redeeming himself. As the two watch the lab explode, X ponders the thought that one day he may have to fight Zero for the sake of humanity.

Mega Man X4

In this installment, the player can decide between X and Zero, each having their own story campaigns.

Following the defeat of Sigma's virus form, a second generation of Maverick Hunters called Repliforce is established by the Reploid General and Colonel. One day, X is dispatched to Sky Lagoon, a floating city that eventually crashes to the ground after being attacked by Mavericks. At the crash site, X finds Colonel at the area, arising suspicion. He orders him to disarm himself to take him in for questioning, but Colonel refuses out of pride. Soon after, the Repliforce announce their coup d'état against the human government and their desire for a Reploid-only nation, which erupts into the Great Repliforce War. X is assigned rookie hunter Double as his aide and the two work together in an attempt to stop the battling, with Double being tasked to find the locations of the eight Reploid leaders as well as rogue Repliforce leaders unaffiliated with the Mavericks. After four of the bosses are defeated, Colonel challenges X directly; X beats Colonel, but he quickly retreats.

After all eight bosses are defeated, X is sent to Space Port to prevent Repliforce from completing their new space station, Final Weapon. Inside, X battles Colonel again, this time ending in his superior's death. After making his way into Final Weapon, to his shock, he encounters Double, who is revealed to be a double agent that has wiped out an entire unit of Hunters. The two duel, which ends in Double's death. Shocked but undeterred, he confronts General and defeats him; however, they discover that someone has taken control of Final Weapon and is aiming its cannon for Earth. X rushes to the weapon's center and finds a reborn Sigma waiting for him, who is revealed to be the true instigator of events; X defeats him again, but is unable to stop Final Weapon. General then appears, thanks X for his heroism, and sacrifices himself to stop the cannon, allowing X to escape. Inside his escape shuttle, X worries that he might lose his sanity one day. He then contacts Zero, who promises promises to take care of him should he become a Maverick himself, while X continues to worry if he will battle Zero one day.

Mega Man X5

Several months later, Sigma has been revived yet again and is causing a riot in a city. In X's campaign, he is dispatched to deal with him. In the aftermath of their battle, X notes how easy it was compared to previous encounters; it is then revealed that this was a trap, as an explosion is set off that releases the Sigma Virus into the air where it spreads. Concurrently, Sigma's hired mercenary Dynamo rigs the space colony Eurasia, filled with another load of the Sigma Virus, to fall to Earth in 16 hours, threating to cause irreversible damage to the planet. The Hunters task X with collecting parts so they can build a cannon called Enigma and a back-up space shuttle in the hopes of stopping Eurasia. The parts reside with eight Mavericks, but X is assisted by new teammates Alia, Douglas, and Signas. The player can choose to fire Enigma at any point in the game, but whether it succeeds or not is dependent on how many parts are collected; the outcomes can range from the Enigma succeeding or only having marginal success that lead into the shuttle being used, which then can branch out into two more outcomes where it succeeds or fails, but the shuttle debris still cause destruction on Earth to varying degrees of severity and Zero turns into a Maverick. Regardless of the outcome, a new virus will appear on Earth in the aftermath of the mission, dubbed the "Zero Virus" by Alia.

X and Zero go to pursue Sigma inside his hiding place, Zero Space. However, during their hunt for Sigma, X and Zero begin to be suspicious of one another; in X's story, he will confront Zero about how his power has been rising at a disturbing rate and demand that he return to Hunter Base, but Zero refuses resulting in their fight (if Zero has become a Maverick, he will transform into Awakened Zero and blindly battle X). In the aftermath of their fight, Zero and X lay in a standstill, giving Sigma a chance to interfere. However, Zero jumps to defend X from an attack from Sigma; the two put their conflict behind them and team up to confront Sigma (if Zero is a Maverick, he will be knocked out from the fight, leaving X to confront Sigma alone). The two manage to defeat Sigma yet again, but he immediately attempts to self-destruct in a last ditch effort; regardless of which ending plays, Zero will always be killed out of sacrifice, with X being badly damaged but barely surviving.

Mega Man X6

Three weeks later, humanity has retreated underground, as the Earth's surface has been deemed uninhabitable due to the Eurasia debris' destruction. One day, a Reploid researcher named Gate discovers a mysterious object and goes to experiment with it. During his findings, Gate turns mad and creates the Nightmare Phenomenon, as well as a discolored clone of Zero called the Zero Nightmare. Gate then declares his intentions to transform Earth into a Reploid utopia. X, now the wielder of Zero's Z-Saber, is later dispatched to an area near the Eurasia crash site, where he encounters the Zero Nightmare during his mission. X later meets up with scientist Isoc and his subordinate High Max, where they reveal that the Zero Nightmare has been transforming Reploids into Mavericks through the Nightmare Phenomenon and are being mind-controlled by Gate. X then travels to several locations to rescue and Reploids who have volunteered to help, while at the same time defeating Isoc's eight investigators who have been turned into Mavericks by the Nightmare Zero.

During his travels, X encounters and defeats the Nightmare Zero. Afterwards, Zero himself arrives, having been miraculously healed from his injuries (in the Japanese translation, it is suggested that he repaired himself). X and Zero reunite to take down the Nightmare Phenomena together. Eventually, the duo encounter Gate at his laboratory, where he reveals that it was Zero's DNA that he had found and what drove him to madness. After the two defeat Gate, he then reveals that he has rebuilt Sigma, though only partially with damaged programming. If X is the one to defeat Sigma and was able to defeat the Nightmare Zero prior, the canon ending cutscene shows he and Zero rescuing Gate and forming a pact alongside Alia, promising to repair the devastated Earth; alternatively (in the non-canon ending) if X defeats Sigma but was unable to defeat the Nightmare Zero beforehand, the cutscene shows Zero alive and observing X and Alia, choosing not to reveal himself yet as he still has something to do.

Mega Man X7

Following the events of the last game, Reploids work to rebuild the Earth. X decides to retire to find more peaceful solutions to end the Maverick Wars, leaving Zero in charge. In X's absence, Maverick activity begins to rise, leading to the formation of the anti-Maverick vigilante group known as Red Alert. One of its members, a new generation Reploid named Axl, defects due to the group's increased recklesness, which in turn angers the group's leader Red. Axl is then chased around the city by a large mechaniloid sent by Red, but is rescued by Zero, who then takes Axl into custody at Hunter Base for questioning. Red publicly issues a challenge to the Hunters in response to them capturing Axl; Red Alert will release several Mavericks they have captured, and whoever can defeat them first gets to have Axl. Zero, at first reluctant, springs into action after hearing Axl's story, with Axl joining him on his missions (much to Zero's befuddlement) to redeem himself. During their journey, Zero learns that Axl has the ability to copy Reploid DNA, making him invaluable to Red. Later in the game, X eventually joins them to help end the war faster.

Afer defeating the Mavericks, the trio infiltrate Red Alert's base, Crimson Palace. There, they defeat Red, only discover that yet another revived form of Sigma corrupted Red Alert. X and Zero eventually defeat Sigma as well, but, in a final effort, tries to possess a re-emerging Red; this is revealed to be a trap, as it is actually Axl in disguise, who then deals the finishing blow to Sigma. If X is the one who initially defeated Sigma during the boss fight, he is shown to be hesitant in letting Axl join the ranks, citing the destruction he has caused; Axl then heads out to fight more Mavericks, eager to prove himself to X. If Zero is the one who defeated Sigma, he is shown having a nightmare of someone imitating X having a wild desire to destroy all Mavericks.

Mega Man X8

Sometime after the last game, humans have began immigrating to the moon to avoid the worsening Maverick Wars as part of a new initiative called the Jakob Project, which is an elevator that extends to space. One night, one of the elevators crashes down to Earth, revealing an army of Sigma clones inside. The director of the Jakob Project named Lumine appears and informs X that the army are a new generation of Reploids that are immune to viruses and can shapeshift to help with space development. Sometime later, Maverick uprisings are on the rise, while Vile returns and kidnaps Lumine. X, Zero, and Axl are dispatched to supress the riots, where the new generation Mavericks mock him for being an "outdated model". Eventually, the Hunters reach the moon to face a revived Sigma, who reveals that he plans to populate the Earth with his "children", being the new-generation Reploids who all possess a chip of his DNA.

The Hunters successfully destroy Sigma once and for all, but in a twist, Lumine emerges and reveals himself as the true mastermind, simply using Sigma to hasten the evolution of the new-generation Reploids. The trio eventually fight and beat Lumine, but a tentacle suddenly protudes from his body and knocks Axl unconscious, leaving either X or Zero to finish Lumine off for good. In the aftermath, as the trio travels back down to Earth in the elevator, Zero wonders if the fighting is finally over since Sigma is now truly dead. He also comforts X, who is pondering Lumine's words on evolution, reassuring him that they will fight both the Mavericks and against their own destinies.

Mega Man Zero series

Mega Man Zero

Set 100 years after the end of Maverick Wars, a clone of X named Copy X has ruled over the Repoid utopia known as Neo Arcadia. He was created by 6-year-old scientist Ciel to be the city's leader, but he unfortunately lacks the original's morality and empathy, leading to the execution of Reploids he unfairly branded as Mavericks in order to reduce energy consumption due to the energy shortage crisis. Years later, Copy X is confronted by a new version of Zero, who was awoken after a 100 year self-appointed stasis by a now 12-year-old Ciel and has allied with the Resistance. Zero eventually prevails, with Copy X self-destructing, and lands in a nearby desert where he collapses due to low energy. A mysterious figure then appears in front of Zero, revealed to be the real X, now as a Cyber-Elf; X explains that he grew tired of the fighting and left the responsibility of restoring peace to Zero, as X now lacks a physical body. Zero accepts his new responsibility and promises to fight the rest of Neo Arcadia.

Mega Man Zero 2

One year later, Zero continues his fight against Neo Arcadia and its Guardians, who have covered up the death of Copy X. After being rescued from the desert, and later rescuing the Reploid Elpzio from his failed assault on the city, learns of the truth regarding what happened after being sealed; the Mavericks were defeated, but it lead into the Elf Wars, where Cyber-Elves were heavily exploited to fuel mass scale in-fighting with the Reploids, causing exensive destruction and near exinction of both the Reploids and humanity. After Zero was sealed, X took over leadership of Neo Arcadia. Maverick attacks continued while the looming threat of the Dark Elf still arose. He eventually began to grow tired of the constant fighting and feared that there would be no end in sight. Eventually, X sacrificed his physical body to defeat and seal the Dark Elf, leaving him in his current Cyber-Elf form; on the other hand, X's physical DNA and mind were copied and split into four parts, each residing within the Four Guardians. Ciel would later create Copy X, where he corrupted Neo Arcadia under his rule.

In the present day, Elpzio destroys X's body and frees the Dark Elf's powers and absorbs it. A fierce battle ensues between Zero and Elpzio, with the former prevailing. In the aftermath, Elpzio reverts back to his normal form and apologizes as he dies and turns into a Cyber-Elf. X reappears and tells Zero that the Dark Elf is a corrupted form of Mother Elf, the savior that ended the Maverick Wars, who was cursed by the instigator of the Elf Wars, Dr. Weil.

Mega Man Zero 3

Two months later, the Dark Elf is still loose. Neo Arcadia and the Resistance have reached a truce, while Ciel has finished her research on the new energy source and prepares to present it to Neo Arcadia, but a spaceship with Dark Elf energy crashes to Earth on her journey. Zero goes to investigate and finds the Guardians battling a giant Reploid named Omega alongside Dr. Weil; both were banished to space due to their war crimes for instigating the Elf Wars. Weil explains that they have returned to search for the Dark Elf and that he has resurrected Copy X to lead Neo Arcadia again, leading to the Guardians defecting. Zero goes on his own mission with the Resistance to track down the Dark Elf. Later in the game, Zero faces Copy X as the Resistance is staving off Weil's invasion; however, Copy X is killed in an attempt to transform into his second form, allowing Weil to declare himself the new leader of Neo Arcadia and plans to use Omega to mind-control every Reploid on Earth. Zero also reunites with the real X during the battle, telling Zero that it's the "heart the matters, not the body".

X uses his powers to protect the Reploids from their mind-control, while Zero goes to battle Omega. After beating him, Weil informs Zero that he is a fake and that the "real" Zero is actually Omega; Zero's real body emerges from Omega's shell and the two duel again. X and the Guardians arrive to help fight Omega, where X informs Zero that he is technically the real one due to possessing his real soul. Omega is finally destroyed, freeing Mother Elf from her curse, while Weil escapes and the Guardians are killed. Mother Elf rescues Zero from Omega's explosion and takes him back to Resistance Base; X gives him his memories back and tells him to always protect the peace between humans and Reploids before fading away for good.

Mega Man ZX series

Mega Man ZX

Nearly 200 years after Mega Man Zero 4, humans and Reploids finally live in peace as the Earth is nearly restored. Ciel has grown up and created a new generation of Maverick Hunters known as the Guardians. After discovering the Biometal Model W, who is capable of turning Reploids into Mavericks, Ciel creates six new Biometals to counter the growing threat and contain the passwords that would unlock Model W's core; one of these Biometals is modeled after X and is named Model X. One day, Model X is being delivered by the Guardian Giroutte (who is in the possession of Model Z and the protagonists Vent and Aile to an unknown location in the forest. During the trip, they are ambushed by some Mavericks. Giroutte is able to repel them by merging with Model Z, while Vent and Aile escape. They later meet the leader of the Guardians, Prairie, but are ambushed by another Maverick. Model X lends its strength to the protagonists, allowing them to Megamerge with him and transform into Mega Man Model X and use their new abilities to beat the Maverick.

During the attack on Area D, Giroutte and Model Z fall under the influence of Serpent, forcing them to fight Vent or Alie. In the aftermath, Giroutte is critically injured by Serpent, but survives due to Model Z being used as his life support; however, the passwords are stolen by the traiterous Guardians Prometheus and Pandora. Giroutte convinces Model Z to leave him behind and protect Vent and Aile; Giroutte dies but both Model Z and Model X perform a Double Megamerge, turning Vent and Aile into Mega Man Model ZX. Eventually, the two heroes recover the passwords and eight Biometal fragments, as well as defeat Prometheus and Pandora, before having a confrontation with Serpent as Mega Man ZX. In the ensuing chaos, Slither Inc. headquarters is destroyed, killing Serpent and destroying Model W in the process; Vent and Aile reunite with their Guardian allies and vow to keep on fighting for peace and justice.

Mega Man ZX Advent

Four years later, Model X and Model Z remain with Vent and Aile, who have since become high ranking Guradians. They are looking for the four missing Biometal Models when they run into the game's protagonists Grey and Ashe, where a brief fight ensues over a misunderstanding, as Model Z was tracking down stolen Biometals and Model W when their paths cross. Later in the game, they ally with Grey and Ashe to stop Master Albert and fend off the four Biometals Aeolus, Atlas, Thetis, and Siarnaq. Lsater in the game, after Albert is defeated and Ouroboros begins to collapse, Model Z separates from Vent, Aile, and Model X to repel the Mega Men Models as to allow them and Grey and Ashe to escape.

Other games

X has made cameo appearances in several Fighting games, namely as a card in the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters series, as a background spectator in Pocket Fighter, and as a part of Zero's ending in the Wii version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: All-Stars. X wouldn't make his playable debut until Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite alongside Zero (though he did appear as a DLC costume for Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3). In the game, they team up with the rest of the Capcom characters and the Marvel superheroes to take down Ultron Sigma, a fusion between Sigma and Marvel's Ultron. Much like how Classic Mega Man is depicted in Smash, X attacks with several weapons from across the Mega Man X series such as Sonic Slicer and Boomerang Cutter.

X also appears in Monolith Soft's Project X Zone alongside Zero. He arrives in Chapter 20, where he helps Zero get through an emotional breakdown while protecting him from Vile. Both later return in Project X Zone 2 where they battle a new incarnation of Sigma. In the games, X can attack with other weapons from the Mega Man X series, as well as donning the Ultimate Armor and can even perform a Hadoken.

X is also in the Capcom crossover mobile card game TEPPEN. In the game, he is awakened in the Land of Illusion, where his origin is of a robot from an ancient civilization. After awakening, he battles Resident Evil's Albert Wesker, where it causes disillusion with his mission. He later re-teams with Zero in his 2020 expansion, where the two accompany each other on their journey.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Left to right: MegaMan.EXE, X, Classic Mega Man, Star Force Mega Man, and MegaMan Volnutt


X is one of the Mega Men incarnations summoned by the classic Mega Man in his Final Smash Mega Legends, alongside Star Force Mega Man, MegaMan Volnutt, and MegaMan.EXE.

Mii X Smash 4.jpg

Mii Fighter Costume

A costume for the Mii Gunner modeled after X was made available as a part of the Wave 1 batch of DLC costumes.

The gun it uses is the X-Buster. It is the 17th model of the Mega Buster created by Dr. Thomas Light and is built into X's body. Much like other models, it has the Variable Weapon System, allowing X to use special weapons he can acquire from defeated Reploids.

Trophy Description

3DS trophy


The hero of the Mega Man X series is a Reploid—a type of robot with the same thought capacity as a human. Built for combat, his powerful X-Buster is capable of Charge Shots. He also upgrades himself with parts he finds. In Smash Bros., he appears as part of Mega Man's Final Smash.

Wii U trophy


The hero of the Mega Man X series is a Reploid - a type of robot with the same thought patterns as a human. Built for combat, he's equipped with the X-Buster, a weapon capable of Charge Shots. He also upgrades himself with parts he finds. In this game, he appears as part of Mega Man's Final Smash.

  • SNES - Mega Man X (01/1994)
  • SNES - Mega Man X2 (01/1995)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

L-R: MegaMan.EXE, X, Proto Man, Classic Mega Man, Bass, Star Force Mega Man, and MegaMan Volnutt


X returns as a part of Mega Man's Final Smash Mega Legends, alongside Star Force Mega Man, MegaMan Volnutt, and MegaMan.EXE. This time, they are also joined by Proto Man and Bass.

Mii X Ultimate.jpg

Mii Fighter Costume

The Mii Gunner costume modeled after X returns, this time as a part of the Round 5 batch of DLC costumes.


A Spirit of X is available in the base game. It is a Primary Grab Spirit under the Ace class. His Spirit Battle uses a blue Metal Mega Man (the Metal being a reference to his armor upgrades), with increased power on his energy-based attacks as he will keep attacking with his Side Smash. The stage is the Battlefield Form of New Donk City Hall (meant to resemble Central Highway from Mega Man X) and the song that plays is "Opening Stage". The X Spirit is also enhanceable; when it reaches Level 99, it will transform into Full Armor X. It is a Primary Grab Spirit under the Legendary class.

No. Spirit Name Artwork Origin Type Rating Effect Cost
905 X Spirit.png X Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Grab Spirit.png ★★★ Enhanceable 1
906 Full Armor X Spirit.png Full Armor X Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Grab Spirit.png ★★★★ Super Armor 1


  • X is erroneously referred to as a Reploid in his Trophy description; in the Mega Man X series, the Reploids are based on his framework, making him their predecessor.


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