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Woolly World is a new stage introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U, based on the game, Yoshi's Woolly World. The level follows the fabric-like aesthetic of the game it is themed from.


The stage starts in a flat hill area, with a windmill and trees in the background. Clouds and a rocket make up the platforms, and they teeter on a scale. After some time, the stage warns the players that the stage will transition, and the level moves into the sky. The ground disappears, and the only ground the fighters can stand on are the clouds and rocket. These platforms move up and down, depending on whether a fighter is on one. The stage transitions back into the first area but with a different appearance, coming back down to the ground.

Songs in My Music

  • Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's Woolly World (Remix)
  • Obstacle Course (Yoshi's Island)
  • Yoshi's Story Ver. 2
  • Ending (Yoshi's Story)
  • Flower Field
  • Wildlands
  • Main Theme (Yoshi's New Island)
  • Bandit Valley (Yoshi's New Island)
  • Yoshi's Woolly World (Original)
  • Paper Mario Medley
  • Try, Try Again
  • Tough Guy Alert!



  • This is the only stage so far in the Super Smash Bros. series to be based on a game that hasn't been released yet.
  • Music from Yoshi's Woolly World was played during the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza during the Amiibo section.
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