Wizard's Foot is Ganondorf's Down Special Move. It is functionally similar to Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick. When on the ground, Ganondorf kicks with dark magic and zooms across a large area with decent start-up and powerful horizontal knockback. In the air, he will do a slanted vertical kick that spikes in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Meteor Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, during the initial hitbox.


In Brawl, the grounded version was weakened significantly, going from a powerful horizontal killer that could KO reliably under 125% to an attack that is completely unable to KO under 150% unless near the edge with the opponent missing their DI. Several characters can now also crouch under it. Its ending animation can however be canceled if spaced properly so it ends just very slightly offstage, allowing to get to an edgeguard position fairly quickly. However, the airborne version was made more powerful and was given a second hitbox that occurs later in the attack that has powerful vertical knockback, increasing its effectiveness against grounded opponents.

Being a cloned move of Falcon Kick, Ganondorf will regain his second jump after using this move in the air in Melee, aiding his horizontal recovery, but it doesn't in Brawl. The loss of this ability also made it much riskier to use for edgeguarding, as unless Ganondorf uses the Wizard's Foot when edgeguarding with perfect timing, he will fail to recover. The fact that it is now a Meteor Smash in Brawl also reduces its practicality as an edgeguard, especially when Ganondorf has his Down Aerial, which is much stronger and not nearly as risky. The Meteor Smash hitbox still produces a diagonal trajectory like it did in Melee, which allows it to Meteor Smash opponents that are above the stage if they are close enough to the edge.

When used in the air, Ganondorf will fall down at an increased speed, but not as fast as Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick. The speed is still slow enough for the player to be able to recover or perform an aerial Flame Choke to Ganoncide the opponent.

Wizard's Foot is also required to use for the Flight of Ganon technique.

On maps with many platforms, such as Eagleland: Onett, Ganondorf can use his grounded version of the Wizard's Foot to inflict damage in the air due to the move's large horizontal coverage.

Ganondorf's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Warlock Punch
Side Special Gerudo Dragon Flame Choke
Up Special Dark Dive
Down Special Wizard's Foot
Final Smash Beast Ganon

Custom Variations

Wizard's Dropkick

Wizard's Dropkick is one of Ganondorf's Down Special Moves that can be used via customization. This version is similar to the standard Wizard's Foot, but when used on the ground, Ganondorf jumps a small distance into the air before executing the kick. When used in the air, it propels him at a 45-degree angle (as opposed to the 30-degree angle of the Wizard's Foot), making it somewhat more viable for horizontal recovery; the dark magic color will be blue instead of purple.


  • Horizontal recovery
  • Can be used from a greater distance
  • Jump at the start
  • Travels farther
  • Executed faster


  • Tricky to land as an attack
  • Can SD

The Wizard's Dropkick has Ganondorf travelling farther and at a more horizontal both on the ground and in the air; this can make it useful for horizontal recovery. It is executed and travels faster than the default variation. If used too close to the edge Ganondorf can end up off-stage, which can make it easy to SD with since he may be unable to recover especially if all of his jumps have been used up. As an attack the move can be used to quickly close the gap between opponents and started from farther away. The move can be tricky to land though since it sends Ganondorf at a very different angle than the default variation. The jump at the start when it is used on the ground can dodge some smaller or lower-flying projectiles. Overall the move is useful as another recovery option and evasive maneuver, though takes practice to land on an opponent before it becomes useful as an actual attack.

Wizard's Assault

Wizard's Assault is one of Ganondorf's Down Special Moves that can be used via customization. This move is faster than the standard Wizard's Foot, and it goes through opponents. When used in the air, it sends him straight down.


  • Travels farther
  • Slightly faster than default
  • Goes through opponents


  • Can SD
  • Slower to start
  • Difficult to combo

The Wizard's Assault custom variation is a good approach option as it travels farther and slightly faster than the default variation; it is slow to start, but travels through opponents, making frontal approaches by opponents obsolete. Opponents are launched at an angle into the air behind Ganondorf, making the move difficult for starting combos. In the air the move travels straight down which makes it easy to SD when used off-stage.

Ganondorf's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Warlock Blade Warlock Thrust
Side Special Flame Wave Flame Chain
Up Special Dark Fists Dark Vault
Down Special Wizard's Dropkick Wizard's Assault


  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, when he hits a wall with Wizard's Foot he flies backwards, as opposed to Captain Falcon who backflips.
  • If used on the ground, it can send Ganondorf right over certain items, such as Diddy Kong's Bananas, without activating them.
  • Ganondorf will move a little towards the direction of the move before the hitbox shows. If the player taps it immediately as he crouches for his jump animation, he will send out a small damaging shockwave on the spot, but not emit dark energy.
  • If Ganondorf uses Wizard's Foot just as he hits a spring in a custom stage, he will be launched more than twice as high. This can cause a self-destruct in the Subspace Emissary if he uses Wizard's Foot at specific springs in stages such as The Forest.