Witch Twist (ウィッチツイスト, Witch Twist) is Bayonetta's Up Special Move. Bayonetta flies upwards and spins around as magic swirls around her, dealing multiple hits.

Much like her other graphical effects, the color of the trails are either blue or red depending on which costume she is wearing; blue for the Bayonetta 2 costume, and red for the original Bayonetta.


The move itself looks similar to Little Mac's Rising Uppercut, including its low horizontal distance. Despite traveling low and dealing very low damage (5% if all hits connect), Bayonetta will not become helpless after performing the move, and can use it again following a double jump or After Burner Kick, making it useful for combos as well aiding her recovery. Holding the button causes Bayonetta to fire bullets above and below her.

Bayonetta's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bullet Climax
Side Special Heel Slide/After Burner Kick
Up Special Witch Twist
Down Special Witch Time
Final Smash Infernal Climax


Witch Twist is a technique purchasable at the Gates of Hell. Its incarnation in Super Smash Bros. is combination of this move and similar purchasable technique called Witch Strike. The visual effects and ability to shoot while using the attack are derived from the former, but it lacks the preceding spinning knee slide. The ability to use the move again after a double jump is derived from the latter, which is activated by pressing the punch button immediately after performing a jump or double jump in the original games.

The attack is similar to Drill Jump, a technique in PlatinumGames' predecessor Clover Studio's game Viewtiful Joe.

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