Wild Gunman is Duck Hunt's Down Special Move.


Duck Hunt summons a Wild Gunman who shouts "Fire!" and shoots at the opponent. Different gunmen are summoned each time, and each of them fire at different speeds. The quicker the shot, the more powerful it will be. The Gunmen can be attacked to cancel the attack.

Wild Gunman may seem simple, but their quick projectiles make them a good pressuring tool; especially the leader, whose draw is incredibly fast. Wild Gunman has more uses than it seems at first glance. The move takes a moment to start up, doesn't deal much damage, and if the gunman is hit by the opponent, they won't attack at all. However the move has a lot more defensive use and combo setup potential than it does offensive. When Duck Hunt puts the Wild Gunman out, a number of things could happen.

◾Note: For some of these to work, Duck Hunt must be standing behind the Wild Gunman, having not moved since the move was thrown out.

1) The opponent will stand there and get shot. It will probably never happen.

2) The opponent will dash in and attack the Wild Gunman. If this happens, Duck Hunt should shield until their attack ends and then grab them.*

3) The opponent will jump to avoid the shot. This is great for setting up some aerial combos with Duck Hunt.

4) The opponent will shield the shot. This is a great way to set up some grabs and throws; the opponent will shield the shot half the time but not expect Duck Hunt to dash in and grab them. If Duck Hunt manages to grab them before the Wild Gunman fires, hold them in the grab and pummel them until the shot is taken. The shot will put on additional damage to the opponent; then throw them and go for an aerial combo. Now the opponent might spot dodge, but this is highly unlikely because the time in which it takes for the gunman to fire the shot varies between each gunman design, and opponents will not have memorized the time for each of the five gunmen.

Duck Hunt's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Trick Shot
Side Special Clay Shooting
Up Special Duck Jump
Down Special Wild Gunman
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse

Custom Variations

Quick Draw Aces

Quick Draw Aces is one of Duck Hunt's Down Special Moves that can be use via customizations. Duck Hunt summons a Wild Gunman who shoots at the opponent faster than the default one. However, the shot has less power and range.

Mega Gunman

Mega Gunman is one of Duck Hunt's Down Special Moves that can be use via customizations. Duck Hunt summons a giant-sized Wild Gunman. They take a long time to shoot, but they work better as shields.

Duck Hunt's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special High-Explosive Shot Zigzag Shot
Side Special Rising Clay Clay Break
Up Special Duck Jump Snag Super Duck Jump
Down Special Quick Draw Aces Mega Gunman


In Wild Gunman, the characters that Duck Hunt summon are the enemies of the game, they shout the same thing as they do in Wii U/3DS. However, the gunman wasn't able to shoot sideways, since Wild Gunman is a Zapper game. The sound used when they are summoned are the same as the one when a Gunman opens a door in the Game C of Wild Gunman (called Gang).