"Wii Sports Series Medley" is a music track that features a faithful remix of the two infamous title screen themes from the Wii Sports series into one arrangement. This track was arranged for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which can be played on Wuhu Island.


"Wii Sports Series Medley" is one of the three songs for the Wii Sports series that are remixes, all introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The other two remixes are "Wii Sports Resort" and "Wii Sports Resort Ver. 2." Notably, all of these three remixes are of the title themes for Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts. This tradition would continue in Ultimate for Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club. The likely reason why the title themes are the only themes that are remixed is due to Wii Sports being the best-selling Wii video game of all time,[1] and that its title theme has solidified itself in internet meme culture as one of the most recognizable video game themes.

Music used

The track starts off with a full funk remix of the Wii Sports title theme.

The song then transitions into the Wii Sports Resort title theme. This portion of the song parallels the feeling of a resort vacation, as Wii Sports Resort takes places on Wuhu Island, a tropical resort. Sakurai has even stated himself that Wuhu Island "really feels like a resort island," which most likely the reason why the remix is faithful to the theme of an island resort.[2]

Track name Original track Smash Bros. remix
Main Menu
(Wii Sports)
Main Menu
(Wii Sports Resort)


  • Coincidentally, before the "Main Menu" theme looped in Wii Sports Resort, it ends with the beginning of the "Main Menu" theme of Wii Sports which would seem to be the transition for the loop in the Smash Bros. remix from the latter to the former.


Composition & Arrangements

  • Arrangement Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
  • Composition: Nintendo
  • Arrangement: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
  • Composition and arrangement Copyright Nintendo


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