For fighter info, see Wii Fit Trainer (SSBWU/3DS) and Wii Fit Trainer (SSBU).

Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit トレーナー Wii Fit Torēnā?) is a character from Wii Fit series. She was revealed as a playable character during E3 2013 for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Character description

The Wii Fit Trainer offers the player direction and evaluation in Wii Fit, the player is instructed to perform the activity by precisely imitating the trainer's actions. The trainer advises the player to maintain the COB throughout the activity, requesting that it not move outside a particular threshold (usually indicated as a yellow circle).

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

As a playable character

Wii Fit Trainer SSB4.png

The female Wii Fit Trainer was confirmed as a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with the male Wii Fit Trainer later confirmed to appear as an alternate costume. Both of the Wii Fit Trainer's moveset is mostly based on the various yoga and exercise poses as seen in the Wii Fit games.


Wii Fit Trainer
The female trainer who helps you in the Wii Fit series. She favors a fighting style composed of yoga poses. This makes her a capable close-quarters fighter, but she has ranged attacks as well. She also has a move called Deep Breathing, which can heal you and increase attack power if timed right.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Wii Fit Trainer (Alt.)
The male trainer from the Wii Fit series, his neutral special Sun Salutation charges up a ball of light that, when launched, will heal him a bit. His Jackknife pose is excellent for toning the abdominal muscles, but in Smash Bros. the Wii Fit Trainer uses it as an air attack. Timed right, the attack can hit twice!
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
A simple yoga pose that is known to better your balance and posture, all it requires is standing on one leg and stretching your arms upward. Squatting low and then extending the arms will protect the Wii Fit Trainer from damage for a time and also increase the power of your yoga blows!
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Stand on your right leg and extend your right hand, all while grabbing your raised left leg with your left hand. Arch your back like a bow to correct your posture. This is the Wii Fit Trainer's forward tilt attack, sending rear opponents flying upward and those in front flying forward.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
The Wii Fit Trainer assumes a forward lunge, extending one arm forward and one back at shoulder level. This pose builds powerful thigh muscles and realigns the hips. With a devastating, strong forward smash, the Wii Fit Trainer can send opponents flying in both directions!
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
A yoga pose where you lie supine on the floor, lifting your hips while keeping your shoulders and arms flat. This pose helps to strengthen your whole torso. The Wii Fit Trainer can perform this as a down tilt attack, using the knees to strike at opponents and send them flying.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
First, kneel on your right knee while raising your right arm above your head. Then extend your left arm and leg out to the left and lean in that direction. This pose will strengthen the abdomen and tighten the waist. The Wii Fit Trainer strikes both above and forward with this move, but it takes a while to recover from.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Lie flat on your back and raise your arms and legs to form a V. This exercise is more challenging than a regular sit-up, but it's great for maintaining flexibility and working the abdominal muscles. The Wii Fit Trainer uses this pose to attack in the air, hitting opponents twice before launching them upward.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Arm & Leg Lift
Starting from a crouched position, extend one leg back and the opposite arm forward, and hold. This is a strength exercise that firms up the abdominal and back muscles nicely. It's also the Wii Fit Trainer's down smash. Combine it with a lunge attack to send an opponent sailing sideways.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Super Hoop
In this aerobic exercise, you sway your hips to keep the hoops from hitting the ground. Multiple hoops ups the challenge! This exercise is a good workout and helps align the pelvis. The Wii Fit Trainer can recover well with this up special attack, but it doesn't do much to foes.
  • (Wii) Wii Fit (05/2008)
  • (Wii) Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Wii Fit U Trainer
The Wii Fit Trainer has the most impressive balancing skills we ever seen! Many people probably started yoga to achieve this perfection. However, these abilities aren't developed overnight; it takes lots and lots of yoga practice. We won't judge if you'd rather take it easy—we aren't exactly writing this from the gym.
  • (Wii U) Wii Fit U (12/2013)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a playable character

Wii Fit Trainer - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png

Wii Fit Trainer returns to Ultimate with a similar move set then before. However her appearance has been tweaked, and she now has more natural facial features, as opposed to her prior design which more closely resembled the less detailed face she had in her home game.


  • Wii Fit Trainer is the first playable character to have debuted on the Wii.
  • Wii Fit Trainer is one of three characters in the Smash Bros. series that has never appeared as playable in another video game, the others being Palutena and the Dog from Duck Hunt. However, players could control the ducks in the NES / Famicom version of Duck Hunt by plugging a controller into port 2.
  • Sakurai has said that the request to change Wii Fit Trainer's appearance for Ultimate came from the Wii Fit developers, however he wavered on whether or not it should be changed.

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