Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or WFC, is a service from Nintendo that allows the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games and applications to connect to the Internet. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of the many games that can use the WFC to brawl online with friends or random opponents, and send Snapshots and Replays. In addition, you also get daily vault data. Vault data are the items people have submitted. You get a player-made map, replay, and image. After leaving wi-fi, you get the option to submit only 1 item from either your maps, replays, or images. If you are lucky, your item will be chosen and everyone who comes on Wi-Fi the next day will receive your item for that day only. Recently however, a message came to people who enter Wi-Fi that as of 6/30/09, they will no longer receive Vault data. WFC was discontinued starting from May 20, 2014 onwards, though the offline mode of the game is still available.


The Wi-Fi Multiplayer Menu.

Wi-Fi Multiplayer is a feature of SSBB. There are two types: "With Friends" or "With Anyone". "With Friends" is with people that you have exchanged Friend Codes with. Within "Friend List", you can create and edit up to four personalized text messages, for use during matches. Each message corresponds to one of the four taunt buttons. Pressing the appropriate button in an online battle will (as usual) perform the taunt, and will also display the message. "With Anyone" has the same online functionality, only you may not send text or show your name (concealing your identity in this mode). There are no records kept in the "With Anyone" mode. Each player will have 45 seconds to choose their character for the match, and vote for a stage of desire. It will cost one coin to place a vote, while it is free to select a random stage. While searching for opponents and waiting for them to select their characters/stages, a player can practice on Sandbag. Since you can't actually see what selections the other players are making, co-ordinating With Friends Team Battles can be difficult. The game also does not force you to change outfits when two players chose the same character and outfit. (With team battles, your outfit (and team) will automatically be chosen. However, Overalls Wario will never be chosen.) As with characters on the same team, the first character appears normally, while the second has a light tint, the third has a dark tint, and the fourth an even darker tint.

Error Codes

  • 20100: Cannot connect to Internet, but connecting to access point.
  • 20110: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for this software has been discontinued.
  • 50299: Cannot connect to Internet or to access point.
  • 61010: Cannot connect to access point.
  • 86420: Internet connection goes down while waiting for players to join a match (Open ports on your router to reduce this). This code also might mean that a firewall is blocking your Wii from transmitting information.