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Fox Waveshine

Fox performing several waveshines.

A Waveshine is a wavedash done immediately out of a shine. It can be done by Fox and Falco.

How to Waveshine

A wavedash can be performed anytime a character is on the ground and can jump. The shine can be canceled by jumping shortly after it is initiated. Therefore, it is possible to jump out of the shine into a wavedash.

To waveshine, use the shine, then jump cancel into a wavedash out of it.

It is often easier to use the X/Y buttons instead of the control-stick because it is considered harder to wavedash with only the control-stick. The logic is that to jump with the Control-stick requires the stick to go up. To wavedash, the succeeding angle is angled towards the ground. This makes for more complicated manual motions, and should be avoided in order to achieve a speedy waveshine.

Uses of the Waveshine

For Fox:

The waveshine is generally used for combos. However, some characters fall over when shined. This presents a problem, and generally these characters are immune to waveshine combos. Note that if these characters crouch-cancel the shine, they will not fall over and can be treated as normal waveshine. Also, using an attack after the wavedash can cause a character who has fallen over to be "forced" to stand up (most noticeably a neutral "A" attack). This is referred to as "Thunder's Combo."

A waveshine can be followed up by many attacks. The choice of attacks depends on how far the opponent is pushed away. For example, Peach is not pushed away very far at all, but Luigi is pushed very far away. As such, Fox's choice of move following a waveshine against Luigi is more limited.

Some of the most useful attacks used in conjunction are the UpSmash, Grab, Dair, or even another shine. Waveshining plays a vital part in Fox's infinite combo.

For Falco:

The waveshine is generally used to aid in his vertical dair and shine combos. It gives Falco the added horizontal distance such that he can jump up and catch up with his opponent. This is especially useful against a DIing Fox. A waveshine followed by another wavedash makes Falco a combo machine.

Waveshined Laser

The Waveshined Laser is a very useful technique because it's a good defense and a good offense. To do this, use Reflector, Wavedash backwards without facing behind the player, and shoot as many Lasers that they want to shoot.

Waveshining is also a popular mixup when pillaring an opponent's shield. The waveshine allows the Falco player to move behind an opponent's shield to not get shieldgrabbed.

For both Fox and Falco, the waveshine can be used as a method of spacing and avoiding the lag after a Shine.

Who Can Be Waveshined?

The following table displays the characters that do and do not fall over when shined on the ground:

Bowser Falco
Captain Falcon Fox
Donkey Kong Jigglypuff
Dr. Mario Kirby
Ganondorf Mewtwo
Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch
Link Pichu
Luigi Pikachu
Mario Roy
Marth* Young Link

*Note that Marth falls over in the PAL version of the game.

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