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Wario (ワリオ, Wario) makes his first playable appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was one of the first newcomers announced at E3 2006 alongside Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, and Snake.

Wario currently ranks 10th on the tier list (the second highest ranked sub-series Mario character) due to his unique attributes as a fighter and unique options for approaching fighters. On the downside, his attacks lack range and his Up Special recovery is mediocre, being one of the worst in the game. However, this has not stopped Wario from achieving high tournament results and good matchups.


Even by Smash Bros. standards, Wario is a very unique character. Due to being small and a heavyweight, he is difficult to KO, but he also possesses the best aerial mobility in the game due to having the third fastest air speed and drastically more air acceleration than other characters.

Wario's aerial mobility, in conjunction with his good aerial attacks, greatly aid in Wario's ability to shift direction and speed quickly, making him a good punisher, and camper despite lacking a true projectile. Wario's is also capable of approaching fighters as well as quickly escaping due to his mobility and small stature.

Wario also possesses a good ground game. His grab game is extremely potent, with his down throw being able to chain opponents, and his forward throw dealing 13% damage. Wario's Smash Attacks are extremely powerful due to possessing low startup and end lag and dealing high damage, particularly his Forward Smash.

Wario's Special Moves are highly versatile moves that reflect his unpredictability. Chomp is a quick damage racker and projectile eater that cannot be shielded, giving Wario a good defensive option. Wario Bike is a good approach move, being capable of avoiding most attacks while moving, as well as functioning like a projectile when dismounted. Corkscrew easily traps opponents into multiple hits, and serving as a useful out of shield option. Wario Waft is Wario's most unpredictable move, having low startup and end lag and being capable of KO'ing at 50% as well as giving Wario a massive vertical boost.'

However, Wario is hampered by many flaws. Wario lacks other KO moves outside his Smash Attacks and Wario Waft, and therefore must be careful if they turn stale. Wario's biggest flaw lies in his mediocre range, with other characters with disjointed ranges being more than capable to outclassing him. His recovery is also poor without Wario Bike or Wario Waft, leaving only Corkscrew which goes a mediocre distance. In addition, his Special Moves are held back in some way; Chomp takes longer for large items, Wario Bike is unusable if far away from Wario, Corkscrew goes its aforementioned distance, and Wario Waft requires a long charge time.

Overall, players must remain creative in their approach with Wario, taking advantage of his unpredictable moves and aerial mobility to bait opponents into making moves that can be punished, as well as remain out of reach of other characters with better range.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Performs a left hook, then a right hook. 6% for hook, 5% if close to body.
  • Forward Tilt: Winds up his fist before punching forward. Can be angled. 12-14% on arm, 11% for body.
  • Up Tilt: Raises both hands above his head. 10% if clean, 6% if late.
  • Down Tilt: Stabs his hand at the ground. 8%.
  • Dash Attack: Trips and falls flat on his face. 7% if clean, 5% if late.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Performs a shoulder tackle. 19% uncharged, 26.6% fully charged.
  • Up Smash: Spins multiple times while attacking with his head. 1% (hits 1-5), 10% (hit 6) uncharged, 1.4% (hits 1-5), 14% (hit 6) fully-charged.
  • Down Smash: Spins on the ground while attacking with his head. 13% (clean)10% (mid), 5% (late) uncharged, 18.2% (clean), 14% (mid), 7% (late) fully-charged.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial: Spins in place while extending his hands and fingers outward. 9% (clean), 4% (late).
  • Forward Aerial: Sticks his foot out foward. 7% (clean), 5% (late).
  • Back Aerial: Pushes his head forwards. 10%.
  • Up Aerial: Claps upwards. 17%.
  • Down Aerial: Turns upside down and spins downward, attacking with his head. 2% (hits 1-6), 4% (hit 7)

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Pokes the opponent in the torso. 2%.
  • Forward Throw: Spins twice before throwing the opponent. 12%.
  • Back Throw: Throws the opponent behind him before hip-thrusting them. 2% (hit 1), 7% (throw)
  • Up Throw: Throws the opponent upwards and headbutts them. 4% (hit 1), 6% (throw)
  • Down Throw: Slams the opponent into the ground and ground pounds them. 4% (hit 1), 3% (throw)

Special Moves

Wario's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Chomp
Side Special Wario Bike
Up Special Corkscrew
Down Special Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man


Up: Belly-laughs so hard (as heard by the Wii-mote when selecting Wario), his jaw unhinges, so he has to manually put it back with his hands. If he is holding the back tire of his bike, it looks as if he is biting it.

Side: Accompanied by a "wiggly" sound similar to the one heard while using Corkscrew. Wario wiggles his butt at the screen with his hands extended in each direction, and he teasingly snickers. Wario seems to float as the bottoms of his shoes are touching each other. His shortest taunt.

Down: Wario faces the screen, holds up three fingers with his left hand that seem to form a "W" for Wario, and then does the same with his right hand after putting away his left hand. Then, he holds them both out at the same time. Wario utters "Wah!" three times for each time he holds up a hand, the third "Wah!" having the most enthusiasm.

While riding Wario Bike (in any direction): Wario faces to his right and does his signature "W" sign at the screen with both hands and then picks his nose with his left hand. Another trick considered a taunt is when Wario does a wheelie by gently holding up on the control stick, where he stands on the back of his seat and flaps his right hand based on how fast he is going up and down.

In competitive play

Role in The Subspace Emissary

Wario in the SSE

After Kirby does battle with Petey Piranha to free the princesses, one of the cages in which Petey holds either Princess Zelda or Princess Peach will break, depending on which cage the player damaged more while battling Petey. The Princess who the player saves will escape with the player; the other will be injured and trapped beneath their wrecked cage. Wario drops heavily into the stadium with a Dark Cannon. Blasting the princess, Wario traps her in the form of a trophy and takes off with the trophy on his shoulder. He is revealed to be a member of the Subspace Army.

Wario then hunts down Lucas in an abandoned zoo, dispatching Porky to corner him and weakening him. Porky is defeated by Lucas with the help of Ness, but Wario appears and fires at Ness. Ness dodges all of Wario's cannon shots and learns that Ness is too skilled to get hit. He then fires at Lucas, who was vulnerable, and Ness is shot when he pushes Lucas aside. Wario then takes away Ness, and Lucas runs away in fear.

Upon finding the trophy of Luigi, Wario lets his guard down and picks up the trophy, apparently elated to find the brother of his rival Mario. Wario is ambushed by Waddle Dees and then loses his trophies to King Dedede, who steals his Cargo. Realizing that he needs to redeem his failure, Wario tracks Lucas and his partner, the Pokémon Trainer, down and fights them. Wario is defeated and left behind. When Galleom's Subspace Bomb detonates, the area of Subspace expands and absorbs Wario's trophy. After coming back to life, Wario confronts King Dedede later on the steps to the Great Maze, and he is stunned to see Luigi and Ness beside him. King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness point to the Great Maze to show it to Wario, who thinks that they are pointing to his nose (Wario was standing between King Dedede and the Great Maze). Thus Wario starts to pick his nose. Realising that he can't fight all of them, he instead drives his bike to the top and beats them there. He also aids the heroes in their battle against Tabuu.

Although he works for the Subspace Army, he had no specific allegiance to Master Hand, only following his orders because he enjoyed doing so.


On-Screen Appearance

Crashes in sideways on his bike while laughing, jumps off, and his bike explodes while he dusts himself off.

Idle Poses

  • Crosses his arms, fists clenched.
  • Scratches his butt.

Victory Pose

Victory Theme: Wario Series Theme

  • He does a donut on his bike, makes a "W" sign with his hand, saying "Yes!", then pulls on his mustache and makes the "W" sign again, process repeats.
  • He laughs gloatingly and then falls over, rolling on his back.
  • Pats his belly, releasing a fart that after smelling, results in an "Oooh..." from Wario.

Wii Remote Choice

Wario does his signature belly laugh, also heard when initiating his upward directional taunt.

Credits Music

  • WarioWare, Inc. Medley


  • "Wario! Cha-Cha-Cha!"

Costume Gallery

Wario's WarioWare ("biker") outfits

Wario's overall ("classic") outfits


  • Due to his dodgy walking animation, if he is walking backwards on conveyor belts in custom stages, he cannot walk onto another conveyor belt.
  • Despite Wario Land being an action-based game series, most of Wario's moves don't come from any of his games, but are unique to Brawl, much to the disappointment of many fans.
    • Also, despite his crouch in Wario Land shrinking Wario to half his size (for purposes of a platform game), his crouch in Brawl is next to useless.
  • Wario never blinks. In fact, the only times his eyes are closed are when he is asleep, stunned, or being hit.
  • Biker Wario's buttons show a W, and underneath it says "Made In". This is a reference to the Japanese name for the WarioWare series, "Made in Wario". Also on the back of his WarioWare outfit, it reads "Hurry Up!".
  • If Wario is wielding a Hammer/Golden Hammer and stays in one place, he will be floating and swinging instead of standing.
  • Wario, even though he wields the Home-Run Bat with his hands, swings the bat in his side smash with the bat held in his mouth.
  • Although Wario still has the same voice actor (Charles Martinet) as in his own games, in Brawl, it is somewhat less cartoonish than in said games - the same applies to Luigi and Mario.
  • Wario is the only character in Brawl with more than 3 taunts, not counting Smash Taunts.
  • Wario is the only character to have two poses when selecting him. When he's in his biker outfit, he has his hands in a position of clapping with his mouth open. In his classic overalls, Wario has his arms out while making his signature "W" with his fingers.
  • Wario is the only character that can ride a vehicle without using a Final Smash.
  • If Wario hits a static Deku Nut while on his bike, he is launched with enough force to be instantly KO'd.
  • When Wario picks up a Screw Attack or a Franklin Badge, he wears them on his nose; but when he becomes Wario-Man, he wears them on his shirt.
  • Wario does not gain any horizontal distance whenever he jumps from a ledge. This means if no directional input is pressed, Wario will simply re-grab the ledge after he falls.

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