Wario-Man is Wario's Final Smash. It involves him turning into his costume alter-ego from WarioWare: Twisted! and WarioWare: Touched! by eating garlic.


When Wario uses this move, he takes a bite of garlic and turns into Wario-Man while shouting "Here I go!". The transformation is somewhat similar to Bowser's and lasts roughly 18 seconds. During the Final Smash, all of his moves are improved greatly, being extremely fast and strong. He moves a lot faster, deals more damage and knockback, and is virtually invincible, though he can still be hurt by eating bombs, gaining hoop damage or his Shield broken.

Also, his aerial attacks except his down-air cause him to gain altitude without entering helpless mode, giving him unlimited recovery. All of his aerials can be strung together for a rather ridiculous-looking upward movement.

A fully charged Wario Waft is a One-hit KO as Wario-Man, though the half charge one is unaffected. His bike becomes so fast that it can outrun the cars in Big Blue, and must be jumped off almost immediately to avoid killing himself on smaller stages, but is very effective when used properly. However, if Wario Self-Destructs while having a charged Wario Waft, the charged Waft will reset back.

All of Wario-Man's throws (except for his down throw) are able to KO above 70%. His down throw is a very powerful Meteor Smash if used near the edge.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the attack is changed with Wario now eating a piece of garlic and instantly turning into Wario-Man, ramming into his opponents and beating them in a comical way before launching them. If he misses though, he will turn back into regular Wario.


Wario-Man's Moveset
  Move Description Segment Damage Angle Hit Frames BKB KBG WBKB Type
Neutral Double Punch Left hook, then right hook. Can be used multiple times in a row to quickly rack up damage as Wario walks forwards. Hit 1 Fist 4% 72 8 10 25 20 0 Typeless
Arm 45
Hit 2 * 16 18
F-Tilt Power Punch Wario swings his right fist in a circle then thrusts it forward. Can be used in rapid succession. Angled Up 17% * 14 17 35 100 0 Typeless
Angled Side 16%
Angled Down 15% 90
U-Tilt Palm Push Raises both hands above his head, raising the roof. Clean Body 15% 90 12 14 65 74 0 Typeless
Right hand 83
Left hand 97
Late Body 12% 90 15 27 40 50
Right hand 80 30
Left hand 100
D-Tilt Ground Stroke Stabs his index finger at the ground in front of him. The knockback angle is low enough (10 degrees) that it is considered a semi-spike. 9% 10 5 9 50 90 0 Typeless
Dash Dive Trips and falls flat on his face, sliding a small bit. Like a few of Wario-Man's moves, the attack can be interrupted before the last hit occurs. 12% 70 4 23 60 75 0 Typeless
U-Smash Head Swirl Head grows as Wario spins, hitting multiple times with the head. Opponents just out of range will be sucked in. Clean Head 2% 90 7 24 15 70 0 Typeless
Body 40
Wind 0% 160 0 50 100 Electric
Late 15% 50 25 60 90 0 Typeless
D-Smash Body Spin Spins on the ground, bashing foes with his head. Can be interrupted in the middle of the second hit. Clean 18% 30 6 20 40 80 0 Typeless
Mid 21 56 20
Late 57 62 10
F-Smash Shoulder Ram His trademark Dash Attack from the Wario Land games and Wario World. Despite Wario-Man being invincible, it retains normal Wario's super armour and transcendent priority - on the other hand, using the move rockets Wario-Man across the stage. 16% * 6 30 30 90 0 Typeless
Nair Wonky Spin Accompanied by a gradually lowering sound of falling, Wario extends his hands and fingers, then spins in place. Out of all Wario-Man's aerials, this one gives him the most height (almost twice as much as his other air attacks). Clean 15% * 4 7 30 90 0 Typeless
Late 12% 11 39 20 100
Fair Drop Kick Sticks his foot a short distance forward. Clean 15% * 5 6 20 90 0 Typeless
Late 11% 7 24 15
Bair Head Poke Throws his head backwards, hitting with it, entire body horizontal. Clean 15% * 8 10 20 90 0 Typeless
Late 11% 11 28 15
Uair High Clap Claps above his head with hands and feet. Can be chained into itself at low percentages. Null 18% 75 8 9 35 80 0 Typeless
Dair Body Drill Turns upside down and spins, drilling with his head. The attack is a Meteor Smash, but Wario-Man launches himself downwards at almost three times his normal falling speed, making it important to use a neutral air as soon as possible to avoid SD'ing. Hit 1 13% 270 8 22 30 90 0 Typeless
Landing 10% * 1 22 100
Pummel Poke Pokes his opponent in the torso. 3% * 5 0 100 40 Typeless
F-Throw Swing-A-Ding Spins the foe around and throws him/her forward. Throw 15% 20 47 60 100 0 Throwing
B-Throw Butt Blast Hits them backward with his butt. Hit 1 2% 30 20 22 50 120 0 Typeless
Hit 2 15% 45 21 60 100 Throwing
U-Throw Vertical Chuck Throws them into the air and jumps up, headbutting them. Hit 1 4% * 23 25 30 100 0 Typeless
Hit 2 13% 90 25 60 Throwing
D-Throw Gravity Pound Throws the victim on the ground and sits violently on top of them, who is then knocked behind Wario. Any bystanders are Meteor Smashed. Hit 1 4% * 22 23 30 100 0 Typeless
Hit 2 13% 290 23 75 Throwing
Floor (back) Spin Punch Wario spins around with his fist extended. Hit 1 10% * 16 17 80 50 0 Typeless
Hit 2 20 21
Floor (front) Double Poke Wario pokes both forwards and backwards. Hit 1 10% * 16 17 80 50 0 Typeless
Hit 2 21 22
Floor (trip) Clap Kick Wario makes two kicks to either side. Hit 1 10% * 19 20 60 50 0 Typeless
Hit 2 30 31
Edge (<100%) Grounded Headbutt Crawls up the ledge and flips onto his back, attacking with his head. 10% * 31 33 0 100 110 Typeless
Edge (100%+) Quick Punch Crawls up the ledge and slides his hand across the ground. Similar to his down tilt. Arm 10% 20 53 55 0 100 90 Typeless
Rear *
Neutral Special Chomp Can do more bites per second than regular Wario and the throw has high knockback. Grab   3      
Bite Neck 2% * 19 24 0 30 100 Slash
Release Throw 10% 45   60 100 0 Throwing
Explosive Null 13% * 17 50 110 0 Typeless
Side Special Wario Bike Goes dangerously fast, so it should be used carefully. Drive 13% *   40 100 0 Typeless
Wheelie 25 40 80
Thrown Front 7% * 50 0 0 Weapon
Back 8%
Middle 9%
Small Tire Null 4% * Typeless
Large Tire Null
Up Special Corkscrew Goes higher than regular Wario one. Hit 1 14% 90 1   50 100 0 Electric
Hit 2 80 2 25
Down Special Wario Waft Charges much faster. Stuns opponents when uncharged; has OHKO potential when fully charged. Uncharged 0% * 16 18 0 100 80 Typeless
Slightly charged Center 10% 45 10 11 30 100 0
Front 8% * 20
Back 45
Mostly charged Null 19% 45 5 8 20 70 0
Fully charged Clean 50% 30 9 10 0 100 0
Late 20% 80 11 16

Trophy Info

The Wario-Man Trophy

Wario-Man appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy, only obtainable by beating All-Star Mode with Wario in both installments.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Wario's Final Smash. He chomps on his favorite food, garlic, and transforms into Wario-Man! His mobility goes way up. His attack power doesn't change much, but he scampers like a cockroach, using moves like crazy! He can jump over buildings and use midair attacks to fly. Oh, and he doesn't flinch from attacks. Think twice about bringing out his motorcycle at this time...

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

NTSC: With just a little nibble of garlic, humble everyman Wario transforms into the hero of justice, Wario-Man! He's...still not really all that strong, but he does get quite a bit faster, and he can launch foes farther too. And like any good hero, he has the ability to spamming attacks in midair. Just like they all do it, right?

Wario-Man's trophy in for Wii U.

PAL: Just a little nibble of garlic, and the humble Everyman Wario transforms into the hero of justice, Wario-Man! He's...still not really all that strong, but he does get quite a bit faster, and he can launch foes further too. And of course, like any good hero, he has the ability to spamming attacks in mid-air. That's how they all do it...right?


In addition ot being Wario's Final Smash, Wario-Man also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Legend-level Attack Type primary spirit which can be obtained either as a random encounter from the Spirit Board or from the Vault Shop.

His spirit battle is a regular battle against Wario at WarioWare, Inc. without hazards. The Wario puppet fighter references Wario-Man serving as the basis of Wario's eponymous Final Smash. The color scheme of the puppet fighter's classic cyan costume references the cyan-and-pink color scheme of Wario-Man's costume. The stage and music represent Wario-Man's appearance in the WarioWare series. Also, the enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash and their Final Smash Meter will charge faster than usual.


Wario-Man originates from WarioWare: Twisted! and WarioWare: Touched!, appearing as the alter-ego for Wario. In both games, once the player has beaten all of the microgame compilations from the other characters, the player unlocks Wario-Man's microgames compilation. In WarioWare: Twisted, Wario transforms into Wario-Man after falling into Dr. Crygor's invention: the Gravitator, while in WarioWare: Touched! Wario transforms after consuming a rotten piece of garlic. This "new character" then appears on the main menu with a brand new set of microgames available to attempt. Wario-Man's games were the last of its kind both times and were more challenging than the preceding games.

In the cut-scenes before and after his microgames, Wario-Man exhibits some kind of superhuman abilities; however, his increases in speed, strength and the capability of flight in Brawl is more likely derived from typical superhero/super-villain powers in general comic books and other media.

Wario-Man as seen in WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase


  • If Wario-Man's HP is brought to 0% in Stamina Mode, the Undead Glitch occurs.
  • If Wario-Man does a Corkscrew and then transforms back into Wario in mid-air, it's possible to Corkscrew a second time without touching the ground.
  • It is interesting to note that while Wario wears the Franklin Badge and Screw Attack on his nose, Wario-Man wears them on his stomach.
  • If Wario-Man transforms back into Wario while wielding a Hammer or a Golden Hammer, the Hammer will restart its process over again, allowing the player to double the amount of time they can use the hammer. Although occasionally, because the process restarts itself, the player may end up getting a headless hammer or a squeaky Golden Hammer afterwards.
  • If Wario-Man is star KO'd in a stock match and loses his last life, and transforms back before he "pings", the transformation "circle" will not disappear.
  • Wario-man can fly past the Blast line, unlike other characters. If Wario-Man continuously flies upwards and transforms back to Wario, he will fall for a rather long time. However, he can die from using Wario Waft.
  • Although Wario-Man is invincible, he will still take Hoop damage.
  • Wario-Man is affected by the effects of both Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms, but he is unaffected by Metal Boxes.
  • Wario-Man is available as a separate character through hacking, although when he dies, he just turns back into Wario. At the end of a match, the game will freeze if he has not turned back into Wario due to having no results screen animations. Once turned back into Wario, he will play as normal and cannot re-transform unless using the Final Smash, which will still be temporary.
  • In Wario Ware: Touched!, Wario-Man transforms back into Wario by eating a Wario Bomb, and eats a "funky" garlic to become Wario-Man, rather than eating normal garlic to transform.
  • Although Wario Man does not suffer any knockback or damage in his form, he can be KO'd by the Isaac Assist Trophy.
  • In Wario's alter-ego's first appearance, his moustache was red (or possibly pink as his nose was the same colour), but in every subsequent game, his moustache has been black.
  • Wario-Man can perform any Hyrule Jump (including a full one), given the nature of his aerials.
  • For whatever reason, the speed multiplier of Training Mode does not affect how long (in real time) Wario-Man lasts.
  • When Wario-Man charges his smashes, they will make a sound effect different from regular Wario's charging sound effect.


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