Waddle Doo (ワドルドゥ) is a common enemy from the Kirby series, being a stronger variety of the Waddle Dee. Waddle Doos attack by firing an energy whip. When Kirby swallows a Waddle Doo, he gains the Beam ability.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Waddle Doos are a projectile thrown in King Dedede's Side Special Move, Waddle Dee Toss, and also appear in his Final Smash, the Waddle Dee Army. A Waddle Doo is the second most common thing thrown when Waddle Dee Toss is used, with the most common being a Waddle Dee and the rarest being a Gordo. The Waddle Dee:Waddle Doo:Gordo ratio is 35:10:4, meaning a Waddle Doo has a 20.4% chance of being thrown. When the Waddle Doo hits a target, it will deal slash-based damage. After being thrown, a Waddle Doo will walk forward and periodically use its beam attack, damaging any opponent caught in the beam as much as 27%. After it has used its beam attack three times, it will disappear. When a Waddle Doo appears during the Waddle Dee Army, it falls and then runs across the stage in one direction, electrically damaging any opponent in its path for decent damage and knockback. In the Kirby games, Kirby obtains Beam ability when he swallows a Waddle Doo, however, in Brawl, nothing happens when he swallows one.

Trophy Description

A creature identified by a single, unblinking eye. Like Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos roam about Dream Land and sometimes use parasols. Unlike their counterparts, though, they hate being approached--they'll fire a beam of energy at anyone who nears them, so don't think they're harmless like Waddle Dees. If Kirby swallows one, he copies the Beam ability and gains a jester's hat.
  • Kirby's Dream Land
  • Kirby: Squeak Squad

Hacked data

Hacking of the enemies file package of the Brawl disc has revealed data that appears to have been made for Waddle Doo, suggesting that he was planned to be included in the Subspace Emissary as an enemy.

In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Untitled 3

A Waddle Doo fighting Greninja in Smash Run.

Trophy Description

Two big eyelashes for one big eye? You're describing this beam-firing enemy from the Kirby series. This enemy may hop toward a fighter it spots and unleash an energy attack. The attack itself has a short range, but it can happen repeatedly and can stun. Unlike Waddle Dees, these guys will fight!

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