Volt Tackle (ボルテッカー Borutekkā?) is Pikachu's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as Pichu's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When Pikachu uses this attack, it temporarily turns into a gigantic pulsing ball of electricity. The ball of electricity will then fly around the stage at great speeds, and the direction Pikachu goes during this move can be controlled by the player. When an opponent is hit, they take between 10% to 20% damage, depending on how much of the attack hits the opponent and how fast Pikachu is moving.

The move usually has little knockback, barely stunning the opponent, but can rack up a lot of damage. However, it can deliver significant knockback when the attack button is pressed. This also puts a massive damage boost on the attack.

When the special button is hit, Pikachu releases an electric attack that extends a decent distance in all directions. After doing this, the ball of electricity darkens and the spark cannot be used again until the ball of light returns to its normal color. This Final Smash lasts around 10 seconds.

The Final Smash is generally accepted as extremely powerful by fans, but its short length causes it to be severely less useful. Interestingly, when a direction is chosen, Volt Tackle will move on a somewhat "set path" and go back and forth until a new direction is chosen. When the attack is about to end, its appearance alters ever so slightly and is easier to control due to it moving slower. During this stage of easier control, Pikachu cannot pass through walls. Pikachu also has to ride around the player point in the middle of the circle he goes in.

Volt Tackle returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate once again as Pikachu's Final Smash; Pichu now also uses the Final Smash as well. Pichu still takes self-damage from using electrical moves, so Volt Tackle deals him 10%. Unlike its effect in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, Volt Tackle is now controlled automatically. Pikachu/Pichu would begin with an electric-charged dash, and if it hits the opponent, they will continue with a flurry of rapid-fire tackles before releasing a massive electrical discharge.

Trophy Description

Volt Tackle Trophy

Pikachu, transformed into a ball of light that can slam into foes. It can also fly to chase down those who try to jump out of range. Sparks get stronger when you press the attack button. However, its increased inertia makes midair movement tough. If you get carried away flying, the effect will end, and you'll destroy yourself. Be careful it doesn't happen to you.


Volt Tackle, just like in Super Smash Bros., is the signature move of Pikachu as well as its pre-evolution Pichu and its evolution of Raichu. It wasn't introduced until Generation III. Unlike in Smash Bros., Volt Tackle does deal recoil damage to the user (1/3 of the damage dealt to the target). Just like most other Electric-Type moves, it has a chance of paralyzing the enemy with a 10% chance. It has a base power of 120.

Pikachu uses Volt Tackle in the anime.


  • Pikachu's Volt Tackle can have an added visual effect if a Smoke Ball is attached to it while using its Final Smash. With it, the ball of electricity looks as if it's emitting smoke. This is best known as a "Smoking Final Smash".
  • The Volt Tackle is easier to control if the control stick or D-pad is used very lightly.
  • The game will lag if the pause camera is zoomed into an active Volt Tackle, especially during the spark.
  • If Volt Tackle is used in training while the game is on 1/4 speed and the camera is zoomed in for the entire duration of the move, the game will suffer extreme lag, and when the move is finished while the camera is still zoomed in, the game will temporarily speed up slightly faster than 1.5x speed, then slow down again. This is because the game has to catch up with the actions.
  • In Pokémon, Volt Tackle was an actual attack for Pikachu, where he gets covered in electricity and rams the opponent's Pokémon.
    • In Brawl, Volt Tackle rather resembles the animation for another attack in the Pokémon series (Fusion Bolt, which is unusable by Pikachu) rather than for Volt Tackle itself. The move "Fusion Bolt", however, didn't exist at the time Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released.
  • Some theorize that the move comes from Pulseman's move, Volteccer, which translates into Volt Tackle. The game Pulseman was made by Game Freak for the Sega Genesis, so the relationship is possible.
  • Due to the fact that Volt Tackle can only be used by a Pikachu if learned in the Pichu stage, some fans theorize that Brawl's Pikachu is Melee's Pichu that evolved into a Pikachu. This theory is supported by the fact that one of Pikachu's costumes has Pichu's blue goggles from Melee, as well as Pikachu having the newfound ability to wall jump after Pichu's "removal" from the game.
    • Though other characters from the series have also had moves in their arsenal that were not of their games' respective origins, such as Robin having Nosferatu.
  • Pikachu's Volt Tackle is the only Final Smash used by a Pokémon Fighter that is an actual move in its original game.
  • Pikachu's cry while using Volt Tackle resembles the cry that Ash's Pikachu makes when using Thunderbolt in the Pokémon anime.


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  • [1] The Volt Tackle can be seen near the end of the clip.

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