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*Does a dance side to side
*Does a dance side to side
*Childishly swings at the air and glares at the camera
*Childishly swings at the air and glares at the camera
*While looking backwards, he waves to the left and right side.
*While facing backwards, he waves to the left and right side.
== [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]] ==
== [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]] ==

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A victory pose is a short (often random) animation that any character does after winning a match while the losers stand in the background, applauding politely. Typically, every character will have three different poses that can be performed at the end of a match by holding down a certain button, which the DOJO!! claims is based upon the taunt being used by the character at the time, if any. Also note that in Super Smash Bros., Jigglypuff doesn't clap and instead just moves her head to the right and does nothing else. (But in Super Smash Bros. Melee and in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, she moves her head left and right without stopping) Ice Climbers also don't clap and instead cry, referencing the screen seen when failing a mountain in Ice Climber. Wario will cease clapping every few seconds to open his mouth and call out, and Mewtwo just stands in disappointment. Diddy Kong takes off his cap and looks down at the ground with a confused expression on his face. The Pokémon Trainer will pull his hat down and hang his head in sorrow and disappointment while the last Pokémon he had out when the match ended applauds instead.

Super Smash Bros.


  • Jumps and turns around with one arm in the air.
  • Spins arm and punches the air.
  • Does a little dance then stop in front of the screen.

Donkey Kong

  • Shakes arms above head 2 times
  • Flexes
  • Thumps chest


  • Kneels while sheathing his sword.
  • Swings around with back turned
  • Flashes sword upwards


  • Flashes gun towards screen
  • Shoots fire upwards
  • Cocks gun


  • Twirls and waves
  • Throws around punches
  • Twirls and kneels


  • Does several handstands across screen
  • Slides across screen
  • Kirby has only two poses


  • Scoffs
  • Points gun
  • Swirls gun into holster


  • Sleeps
  • Scratches right ear
  • Backflip and twirl


  • Jiggles
  • Nods
  • Rests


  • Jumps and nods confidently
  • Looks over shoulders and scratches head grinning
  • Swings bat

Captain Falcon

  • Kicks up
  • Kneels in a determined pose
  • Brings arm up then down confidently


  • Does a dance side to side
  • Childishly swings at the air and glares at the camera
  • While facing backwards, he waves to the left and right side.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

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In Melee, you can select your Victory Pose by holding the B, X or Y button as soon as the match ends.


  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose shouting "Here we go!"
  • Winds up for a punch and steps forward shouting "Here we go!"
  • Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose

Dr. Mario

  • Holds out his stethoscope
  • Throws two pills, dusts his hands off, and then pulls out the same pills he already threw while laughing triumphantly
  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose shouting "Here we go!"


  • Cuts the air three times and turns his back to the camera
  • Cuts the air once, spins his sword and sheaths it
  • Puts his sword and shield together and then raises his sword high into the air

Captain Falcon

  • Does a spinning flying kick and comes down in a kneeling pose
  • Crouches low then spins upward with a roundhouse kick
  • Kneels and thrusts his chest forward shouting

Donkey Kong

  • Does a backflip, flexes his biceps and roars
  • Beats his chest and grunts
  • Waves his hands in a fist over his head


  • Steps forward, builds up a little and roars
  • Spins around in his shell and comes out laughing
  • Takes two steps forward while swiping with his claws twice


  • Falls down twice as stiff as a board
  • Childishly swings at the air and glares at the camera
  • Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers saying "Let's-a go!"


  • Sleeps
  • Ears perk, he scratches his left ear
  • Backflip, aerial spin an inch off the ground, and says "Pika Pikaaaaaa!"


  • Punches twice, with dark fire coming out on the second, as he groans
  • Spins around several times before looking over his shoulder
  • Spins around and ascends, laughing

Note: Mewtwo speaks during his X and Y Japanese victory poses. It is unknown what he says, but in his Y Pose it is rumored he says 'I will not be defeated because I cannot be defeated'


  • Evil laughes spinning a rare tipe of sword upwards,then he put it in the ground while still holding it.
  • Shows the triforce in his right arm while he chrouches his kneel.
  • Pumps a victorious fist, and crouches.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl, you can select your Victory Pose by holding the up, down or side taunt button as the match ends.


  • Steps forward, builds up a little and roars.
  • Spins around in his shell and comes out laughing.
  • Takes two steps forward while swiping with his claws twice.

Captain Falcon

  • Does three consecutive roundhouse kicks then poses
  • Two jump kicks
  • Charges up red energy (similar to one of his Melee poses but with fire added)

Diddy Kong

  • Shoots the air with his Peanut Popguns
  • Spins with his Rocket Barrels then faces the screen, dancing with hands on his head and chin
  • Does a small dance, then holds still in a breakdance-like pose, clapping his feet together

Donkey Kong

  • Beats his chest
  • Hands above his head together, he moves them side to side
  • Does a backflip, holds up his arms


  • Dashes from the sky and poses on the ground
  • Does rapid kicks and says "Had enough already?"
  • Crossing his arms, he looks upward and says "You aren't worth the trouble!"
    • When Fox is present after a match, he says "You're off your game, Fox!" He performs his first pose for this.


  • Crosses his arms, looks upward and raises his tail
  • Points with his gun, puts it back in it's holster, and says "This is Fox. Returning to base."
  • Poses with his gun saying "Mission complete."
    • When Falco is present after a match, he says, "Better luck next time, Falco." He performs his first pose for this.


  • While crossing his arms, he laughs, then looks down at the camera.
  • Pumps a victorious fist, and crouches.
  • With his back facing the camera, Ganondorf turns to face the camera, and holds up his fist, the back of it facing the viewer (similar to how he displays his Triforce piece).

Ice Climbers

  • Popo and Nana sway from side to side in a straight line
  • Both nod and high five one another
  • Both jump up and down (their victory pose from Ice Climber).


  • Digs Ragnell into the ground, folds arms and says, "You'll get no sympathy from me."
  • Slashes sword twice and says, "I fight for my friends." This line has become an internet meme among Ike users.
  • Performs Aether while facing the screen.


  • Rests, wakes up for a split second before resting again.
  • Jumps up two times, then an aerial flip
  • Attempts to bounce up, but ends up on its back.

King Dedede

  • Pats his belly while a Waddle Dee stands in front of him
  • Spins his hammer
  • Slams his hammer down on his left side, does the same with his right


  • Spins, holds his hand up
  • Does some flips, holds his hand up
  • Skids to each side, holds his hand up


  • Gives two swipes of his sword, then sheathes it (his victory taunt from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess).
  • Horizontal swipe with his sword, then holds it up, giving off a battle cry.
  • Three swipes with his sword, turns to his right.


  • Says "The aura is mine" and slowly clasp two of his paws together.
  • Says "Behold the aura" and does a crane-t like stance)
  • Faces to the right with his palm out in front of him and growls


  • He bends down on one knee and shoots hexagonal PK shocks from his fingers in the air in front of him.
  • He pulls forcefully one of the large needles (from Mother 3) before the large needle flies off-screen with a trail of sparkles while Lucas looks towards the screen. This is very similar to his Up Smash.
  • With his back towards the screen, crouching, Lucas does something on the ground with a large stick before turning his head around towards the screen, saying "Hmm?".


  • Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers saying "Bang, bang."
  • Childishly swings his arms at the air and gasps twice with exhaustion. (reference to what he did when chosen in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Falls to the ground two times, stiff as a board. His nose twitches occasionally.


  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose.
  • Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching the air.
  • Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose.


  • Sheaths his sword and says "今日も生き延びることが出来た。" "Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita", which translates to "Today I have survived."
  • Turns with pride, spins his sword then clashes it to the ground, and says "今回は僕の勝ちだね。" "Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne?" which translates to "This time it's my victory, isn't it?"
  • Poses with his sword sheathed and his right arm out and says "僕は負ける訳には行かないんだ。" "Boku wa makeru wake-ni wa ikanainda!" which translates to "There's no way I can lose!"

Meta Knight

  • Disappears while saying, "Come back when you can put up a fight"
  • Turns and spins his sword while saying "Victory... is my destiny" then hits it against the ground.
  • Flings out his cape and says "You have much yet to learn"

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Jumps up and down in the air
  • Does a bizarre form of disco dancing
  • Rings his bell


  • He jumps up and down twice, swinging his arms, before quickly nodding twice towards the screen with arms akimbo.
  • He swings his bat many times before holding the bat with his right hand, outstretched and pointing diagonally upwards.
  • He looks to his sides quickly before facing the screen, putting his hand on the back of his head.


  • Spins and waves to the screen, saying "Oh, did I win?"
  • Swings her arm out and puts it behind her, saying "Peachy!"
  • Turns to her left and says "This is fun!"


  • Ears perk, he scratches his left ear
  • Backflip, spins on the ground, ground, and says "Pii!"
  • Sleeps

Pikmin & Olimar

  • Olimar plucks various Pikmin, and each jumps on him before hitting the ground, until a Purple Pikmin lands on top of him.
  • Looks to the sides while three Pikmin run around him in a circle.
  • Worships the player while a red Pikmin and a yellow Pikmin watch him.


  • Slashes with his swords and says "You can't defeat me!"
  • Bows with the bow in front of his face, then stands up and lifts bow, saying "Great Palutena, victory is ours!"
  • Slowly spins his Swords in front of him in one piece then stops saying "Too easy"

Pokémon Trainer


  • Squirts water in three directions, does a backflip, then poses.
  • Does some poses,spins around doing a breakdance move, and ends on his bottom scratching his head
  • Pokemon Trainer kneels down and hugs Squritle, who says "Squirtle Squirtle".
    • The Pokemon Trainer says in all three poses "Good job, Squirtle!"


  • Jumps and lands on his belly.
  • Stands in a battle-ready pose.
  • Pokemon Trainer pets him, and Ivysaur jumps on him, but Pokemon Trainer puts him down and continues to pet him.
    • The Pokemon Trainer says in all three poses "Way to go, Ivysaur!"


  • Roars up to the sky while flapping his wings.
  • Stomps and flaps his wings once while roaring.
  • Pokemon Trainer pets his head and hugs his neck.
    • The Pokemon Trainer says in all three poses "You did it, Charizard!"


  • Shoots sparks from his eyes, then flexes his upper body
  • Spins around up a slight inch in the air, then lands, then puts his arms down and brings them back up again while turning his head
  • Spins his arms, and moves them in a strongman pose


  • Readies her blaster
  • Punches then fires a shot from her blaster
  • Rapid fires three shots while on one knee

Zero Suit Samus

  • Side Kick flex
  • Cartwheels to the screen
  • Slashes with her energy whip and says "Be still."


  • Throws off his cardboard box disguise and stands up, saying "Not even close!"
  • Crawls forward a step and rolls into a crouching position, saying into his codec "This is Snake. I'm done here."
  • Seen in a crouching position from the side saying "Colonel, mission accomplished." into his codec.


  • He spins once and poses while holding a blue Chaos Emerald in his hand, and says "Too easy! Piece of cake!"
  • Runs off the screen, screeches back and gives a thumbs up, and says "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!" This same victory taunt was used in the "Sonic Joins The Brawl" movie.
  • He break-dances and then does a pose with his fist, and says "Hey, we should do this again sometime!"

Toon Link

  • He waves the Wind Waker baton. This pose is extremely similar to his Up Taunt.
  • He tries to catch a pig but ends up tripping and falling on his bottom.
  • He catches a pig and holds it above his head.


  • He does a donut on his bike and makes a "W" sign with his hand and pulls with his mustache with his other hand while saying "Yes!"
  • He laughs gloatingly and then falls over.
  • Pats his belly then farts, sniffs his behind, scratches his head


  • With his back facing the screen, he raises his arm and then turns around to look at the screen while saying, "Weaklings, the bunch of you!"
  • He claws the air twice, pauses for a bit, and then does a kick before posing, all the while saying "I will be the one to... take you down."
  • He bends over a bit and snarls before standing up, crossing his arms, and laughs.
    • NOTE: When winning a match against Fox or Falco, he says, "Play time is over, Star Fox!" He performs the third victory animation.


  • Punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen.
  • Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives a peace sign with his hand (akin to his level completion pose from Yoshi's Story.
  • Punches the air, then makes a "ta-da" pose.


  • Conjures bright red magical energy
  • Turns her head to the left, making an elegant stance
  • Praying, she turns her head upward


  • Two kicks, then a ninja stance
  • In a crouch, she slashes the air with her needles, then stands up
  • Keeps her mouth concealed

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