Vectoring is (was, prior to the patch Version 1.0.4) a new technique introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Vectoring allows the player to subtract/add knockback when launched by using the Control Stick. Players can only Vector on the horizontal plane. This is done by holding the control stick towards the direction you are launched to decrease knockback, or by holding the control stick in the direction you are launched to increase the knockback. This only applies to launch angles of 63 degrees or less, otherwise no vectoring occurs. If a player can DI to get their angle less than 63, they can vector their knockback.

Vectoring and Directional Influence

Many players confuse Vectoring with the Directional Influence (DI) because both techniques have a similar way to be used, however, Vectoring and DI are different, DI changes the direction the player will be launched, while Vectoring changes knockback to launch longer or shorter on the horizontal plane.


Before Patch 1.0.4, Wario had a glitch involving vectoring that allowed him to change, redirect and manipulate his knockback when launched, greatly improving his recovery. With this bug, Wario could literally float to whichever direction the player wanted whenever he received knockback by canceling the momentum of the hitstun and redirecting the vector; the more powerful the knockback and the higher Wario's percentage, the longer and farther he could float, meaning this bug allowed him to have near infinite recovery.

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Vectoring in action. A explanations of Vectoring.

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