i think that there good but i have a few good changes, and here they are:

Final smash: Instead of alternate FS it should be that Rosalina makes a hungry Luma appear and Rosalina feeds it for 5 seconds, then the background goes into space and hungry luma summons meteors to shower the stage. the meteors have high knockback but only 12% of damage a meteor. If hit in midair the character will stick to the meteor and do 15% of damage and then once it hits the ground it does another 12%. A total of 20 metors come down. once this has been going for about 10 seconds, a massive crater about 1/3 of Final Destination comes down thats on fire and does 20% but has a knockback the same as Critical Hit. also, if Rosalina does more than an overall of 95% of damage on any one opponent, she will go into Helpless and be in Helpless for 15 seconds (During this period, she will take double damage but no knockback.)

Hope this helps.

Ssbb legend Is in! TALK · EDITS 10:23, 20 December 2008 (UTC)