I Know,He'd Be Way Too Strong,But Let's Give Him A Chance.

Entrance Animation:Waluigi Falls Out Of A Winged Pipe,And Takes Damage,Gets Up,And Yells "Waluigi Time!"

Neutral Attack:Copied From Captain Falcon's

Side Tilt:An Elbow Jab,But It Is Rather Weak.

Up Tilt Waluigi Waves A Purple Flag With His Signature Upside Down L On It. This Is Similar To Mr. Game And Watch's Old Up Tilt.

Down Tilt:Waluigi Stomps The Ground,Which Trips Opponents.

Neutral Air:A Spinning Heel Kick

Front Air:A Straightforward Kick,Which Does Decent Damage,And Has A Long Range.

Back Air:Waluigi Punches From Behind.

Up Air:Waluigi Does A Headbutt,Similar To Lucas's Up Air

Down Air:Waluigi Does A Downward Kick,If You Hit The Opponent At The Right Time,It'll Dunk Them

Neutral B:WAH!;Waluigi Yells Out "WAH!",This Can Be Charged Up For Even More Unnecessarily High Damage

Side B:Purple Missile,Similar To Luigi's Side B,But Hits Multiple Times.

Up B:Ultra Jump Punch;A High Flying Uppercut That Does Serious Damage When It Hits,But Like Rest,The Hitbox is Very Small.

Down B:Bob-Omb;Self Explanatory.

Final Smash:Waluigi Pinball;Waluigi Throws A Black Hole,Opponents Caught In It Will Be Teleported Into A Pinball Machine,And Will Be Hit By A Pinball Repeatedly,And Waluigi Will Then Throw A Smart Bomb At Them,Which Launches The Opponents In A Random Direction.

Side Smash;Waluigi Punches Using Most Of His Strength,And Thanks To His Long Appendages,This Attack Has An Above Average Range.

Up Smash:Waluigi Summons A Statue Of Him.

Down Smash:Same As Luigi's,And Just As Bland.

Up Taunt:Waluigi Yells "Waluigi's Number One!"

Side Taunt:Waluigi Says "Let's-a Go!"

Down Taunt:Waluigi Laughs Maniacally.

KO Sound One:"Ow!"

KO Sound 2:"Cheater!!!"

Star KO Sound:"NOOOOOOO!"

Waluigi Also Has A Voiceline For Screen KO,But It's Not Anything That Matters.

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