If Heavy From Tf2 Joined,He Would Have A Unique Mechanic,Ammunition. The Way That Works Is Heavy's Gun-related Attacks Consume Ammo,When Ammo Is Depleted,Heavy's Neutral Special Is Unusable,And His Gun Related Attacks Become Physical Attacks,This Mechanic Is For Balancing Purposes,And To Prevent CPU Heavies From Spamming Air Attacks,But A CPU Heavy Doesn't Spam.

Heavy Also Has A Cargo Throw,But Cannot Use It Against Ridley,K.Rool, Or Ganondorf.

Heavy Also Has A Taunt Where Another TF2 Character Gives Heavy Information About The Opponent. I'll Work On Those Later.

Heavy Also Recovers Twice The Amount Of Health When Eating A Sandwich.

Heavy's Alternate Colors Work Differently. He Always Wears The Same Color Of The Player's Color.(Example:If P1 Plays As Heavy,He Wears Red)

Entrance:Heavy Enters From A Teleporter And Says "RUN,COWARDS!"

Neutral Attack:A Straighforward Punch That Does Decent Damage,But Cannot Combo,And Is Slow. This Is Also To Prevent Him From Being Too Overpowered.

Side Tilt:Heavy Attacks With A Frying Pan,Which Briefly Stuns Opponents,And Slightly Pushes Them Back,But This Attack Isn't All That Powerful.

Up Tilt:Heavy Does An Uppercut,Which Does Average Damage,But Only His Fist Deals Damage,Like All Of His Physical Attacks,This Could Make Him The Only Character Who Has Perfectly Normal Hitboxes. (Unlike The Others.)

Down Tilt:Heavy Does A Low Kick. It Can Trip Opponents,But Only If His Foot Hits.

This Is Where The Guns Get Involved.

Neutral Air,Heavy Spins Around,While Firing Some Bullets From His Minigun(Fun Fact:Miniguns Are Quite Large,Despite Their Name.)

Forward Air:Heavy Fires A Blast From A Shotgun,Which Has A Wide Range,But Consumes Lots Of Ammo.

Back Air:Heavy Does A Reverse Punch,Which Does Moderate Damage,But Only His Fist Can Hit Opponents.

Up Air:Heavy Fires A Blast From A Shotgun,But He Shoots Upwards(Duh!)

Down Air:Same As Ganondorf's Down Air.

Neutral Special:Minigun;Heavy Fires Some Bullets From His Minigun. When He Runs Out Of Ammo,He Can't Use It And Says "Such Expensive Gun"(He Talks That Way Because He's Russian.)

Side Special:Rocket Launcher;Heavy Uses A Rocket Launcher That He "Borrowed" From Someone On The Enemy Team.

Up Special:Tossable Teleporter;Heavy Throws A Mysterious Grenade Which Teleports Him To Where It Exploded At. This Is An Awesome Recovery Move!(Tossable Teleporter Is Not An Actual Weapon,But It's From Workshop,A Community For Custom TF2 Weapons)

Down Special:Ground Smash;Heavy Punches The Ground,Which Does Area Damage,And Has A Meteor Effect In Air.

Final Smash:UberCharge;This Is A Controllable Transformation That Doubles Heavy's Damage And Makes Him Indestructible.

What Do You Think About This Moveset Concept? Is It Cool?

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