Mario:Robo Mario Donkey Kong:Mini DK Link:Dark Link Yoshi:Boshi Kirby:Shadow Kirby Fox:Nobody(We Don't Need Anymore Furries.) Pikachu:Nobody Luigi:Gooigi Ness:Sans Captain Falcon:Blood Falcon Jigglypuff:Igglybuff Bowser:Dark Bowser Ice Climbers:Nobody(We Don't Need Another Duo.) Sheik:Impa Zelda:Toon Zelda Dr.Mario:Dr.Luigi(Yes,There Is A Dr.Luigi) Pichu:Plusle/Minun(Can Use U-Turn To Switch Out) Falco:Nobody Young Link:Mido Ganondorf:Nobody(Heck,His Moves Are Taken Directly From Other Characters) Mewtwo:Deoxys Mr. Game And Watch:Paper Mario Meta Knight:Morpho Knight Zero Suit Samus:Nobody That I Can Think Of. Wario:Count Cannoli Snake:Big Boss Ike:Black Knight(I Know,He's An Assist Trophy Already.) Pokemon Trainer:A Pokemon Trainer That Uses The Gen 3 Starters. Diddy Kong:Nobody(Because He Doesn't Deserve An Echo.) Lucas:Ninten Sonic:Metal Sonic King Dedede:Shadow Dedede Olimar:Nobody Lucario:Zeraora R.O.B:Nobody(He Is The Last Of His Kind) Toon Link:Dark Toon Link Wolf:Nobody(Like I Said,NO MORE FURRIES) Villager:Animal Villagers Mega Man:Any Mega Man Character Who Isn't Mentioned In Smash Bros. Wii Fit Trainer:Matt From Wii Sports. Rosalina & Luma:Nobody Little Mac:Aran Ryan Greninja:Nobody Palutena:Nobody PAC-MAN:Nobody Robin:Nobody I'm Skipping The Rest Of Them,Sorry.