So Here's The Plot:

After The World Was Restored,Everyone Thought The World Was Safe,But They Were Wrong. Shulk Foresaw The Resurrection Of Dharkon,Who Had One Thing On His Twisted Mind,Revenge. Dharkon Sought To Destroy All Worlds,And Create Worlds Of Anarchy And Darkness. Meta Knight Knew The Danger And Went To Warn The Others,But He Was Too Late. Everyone Disappeared Without A Trace,Except For One Certain Evildoer,Ganondorf. Ganondorf Sought To Assist Dharkon In His Evil Plans. Meta Knight Knew Ganondorf Was The One Who Resurrected Dharkon. Meta Knight Called Ganondorf A Greedy Traitor And Threatened To End His Life. Meta Knight Carried Out This Threat,But Spared Him. Meta Knight Told Ganondorf That He Would Keep Him Alive Long Enough So Ganondorf Can Watch Dharkon's Ultimate Defeat. Ganondorf Told Meta Knight That It Was Foolish To Spare Him. But Meta Knight Ignored Him. Little Did Meta Knight Know That There Was One Other Survivor,That Other Survivor Was Ness. Ness Witnessed The Events.

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