Taunting As Heavy On His Own Stage,2Fort,Will Begin Some Dialogue With Other TF2 Characters.

Here's Some Examples:


Heavy:Explain Little Italian Man.

Engineer:That Fella There Is Mario. He's From The Mushroom Kingdom,And He's Also A Guy Of Many Jobs.

Sniper:Yeah,Mate. He Has Been A Referee,A Construction Worker,A Doctor,A Plumber,And Many Other Bloody Jobs.

Spy:Well,He's Not The Only Unlicensed Doctor In Existence! Hahahaha!

Medic:I Heard Zat!

Engineer:Anyways:Mario Is A Rather Formidable Foe,So Watch Out.

Soldier(Only If P1 Is A Heavy):Just Because That Maggot Wears Red Doesn't Mean He's On Your Side,Now Give That Unlicensed Plumber What For!


Heavy:Who Is This Green Coward?

Soldier:That Is Luigi. He May Be Afraid Of Almost Everything,Especially You,But He Won't Let His Fears Stop Him From Making Your Life Miserable. His Down Taunt Can Really Destroy You If You're Hanging Off An Edge.

Scout:You Mean That Wimp Is Capable Of Taking Anyone Down?! You Gotta Be Kidding Me,Soldier!

Pyro:(Muffled Speaking)

Scout:Wow,Real Funny,Pyro.

Engineer:Luigi Is No Laughin' Matter.


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