Palette swaps... They were originally used for team battles in previous Smash titles, but now, in SSB4, every character was given many palette swaps so you can choose your favorites! In this blog, I just wanted to share some of my favorite palette swaps that I use in SSB4 (I will use only a few characters). To mention a palette swap, I used a number in the order they appeared in on the Palette Swap page on the wiki!

Shulk - P.S. 2: I use this P.S. in honor of Fiora being playable in the new Project X Zone 2: Brave New World.

Lucas - P.S. 2: Seriously, do I even have to explain this one?! Winning a game with Lucas might not bring Claus back, but I use his P.S. in memory of him. (Sorry, no picture available)

Jigglypuff - P.S. 4: I like hats...

Ryu - P.S. 8: If you know who this color scheme is based on, I use this with Ryu because I suck with him right now. It may change if I practice. (Sorry, picture not available)

Kirby - P.S. 2: A literal (puff)ball of sunshine when I play as him and win.

Dr. Mario - P.S. 4: Dr. Luigi is my favorite doctor in the new Dr. Mario game.

Villager - P.S. 3: His P.S. is staring right into your soul... you better run now.

Link/Toon Link - P.S. 3: If you go to the Tri-Force Heroes game on the 3DS eShop, the Blue Link's name, in one of the three pictures, is Ralph. What a coincidence, since my real name is exactly that!

Mario - P.S. 3: I like this P.S. because blue and purple like right to me when Mario is using it. Also, it might be based off of the Ice Flower power-up, a very cool one too. (Sorry, photo not available)

PAC-MAN - P.S. 8: It looks like PAC is wearing cooking gloves. What another coincidence that PAC likes to eat and I like food too!

Well, that was fun. I highly suggest you put your favorite P.S. in the comments so others can see how you use your's! Okay then, see ya next time!

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