Well, Smash Bros for the 3DS recently came out, many of us have it, some of us don't, I'm sure us who do are having a massive amount if fun with it, but not every game is perfect, some flaws, at least in my opinion, are in the newly released game. Here are those flaws, tell me if you agree In the comments.

Lack Of Bosses

The Classic Mode is fun, I like playing it, I already beat it with every character over a 6.0 CPU level, but it's short, and you always know whats coming up at the end, if you're like me, you always face both Master Hand and Crazy Hand, but they're move set (if that's what it's called) almost becomes a pattern for me, I've almost memorized how they do things, I wish the final boss would change from time to time, like maybe Rayquaza here or Ridley there (although not really cause I want Ridley playable) it just feels like I keep doing the same thing over and over I wish a bit more was added to Classic to not make it feel like an Arcade and more like a game.

Not Much To Do

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still having loads of fun with the game even after beating it and unlocking all characters, but I wish I could still do more. I have well over 400 trophies so Trophy Rush is like, I get one new trophy per character, that's it, sometimes I don't get any new ones, I wish there were more things to unlock is what I'm trying to say, that literally means more characters or stages, it felt way to easy this game to unlock them, I enjoyed it, took me a few tries to unlock Lucina and Jigglypuff cause I guess my gem made them OP as hell, but what much else is there to do? I hope maybe DLC can fix this.


I have a good internet connection, like, it's powerful, I shouldn't be having problems, sadly, This isn't the case for online players, it lags 85% of the time, the other 15% is fun! even tho we usually only get this percent by turning off items and Local is fun to play too, but when the game lags, it feels like you're watching a cliffhanger to see where Dr Mario's right foot lands, just less fun, still fun at points, just a bit upset.

Remembering Brawl

I think back to Brawl when I play this game, I think of it a lot, and what do I think of when I think of Brawl? The storyline, the amazing Storyline, the one that made Brawl such a fantastic game, showed how the characters can act towards one another, it's gone, I would have loved it to see Dr Mario meeting Mario and Jigglypuff working with Link and Lil Mac to defeat whoever the evil person is, I get Sakurais reason, but I don't think it was enough to get rid of such a fantastic part in Brawl, I at least wish their were cutscenes of some sort.


Now, I'm going to focus on what could have made the characters feel a bit better in my opinion, and remember, I'm going straight of my mind for this, I'm not going to say "Waluigi and Ridley ahahahaha" I will give reason to each of my beliefs.

Dark Samus

Literally the first Assist Trophy I threw, and I wondered why it wasn't a character, the moveset would be nothing like Samus', just base it off of The Trophy's attack and you'll be fine, I would have loved to have another Dark character. Idk why I just love Dark characters.

Megaman Alts

I've said this before, but there's at least 10 different Megamans, 7 of which could be an alt for Megaman, I would have loved to see this, I know it doesn't match his movement, but the Koopalings can't turn into Shadow Mario either, so that's not the case, Megaman being in this game was huge, I feel like they should have made him bigger, while on the Topic of Third Parties....

Pac Man Alts=

Pac Man has a wife and a son, both of which could have been Alts, I don't see myself using his Alts, they're kinda boring, I feel like Pac Man is treated like just another face, as awesome as it is to have him in the game, I feel like his series should've gotten some sort of push, and the next thing explains that.

One Of The Ghost

Most likely the Red One (can't remember name) I kinda wanted one of the ghost to be playable too, with his Alts being the other ghost of course, I know there's versions of him with arms and legs like Pac Man, so I don't think his model would be trouble, Just wish Namco got more out of this.


Unless I'm mistaken, Mario and Luigi series has absolutely nothing in Smash Bros, not a mention or a trophy, nothing, it's a popular series loved by many, And we need more villains, Dark Pit was a new villain and he's sort of a clone, Bowser Jr was cool, he's probably top tier IMO, but besides them, there still isn't much, I get he's another Mario rep, but at least it's from a different Mario series and not straight outta Super Mario World, he's a very unique guy with many unique gadgets, he should really get more love than he is, cause I find it upsetting Mario and. Luigi series is just put in a Hole and covered up.

Choir Men

Yes, all 3, we don't really have a real group fighters, Luma is just there and The Duck is basically a part of the Dog (I still love Duck Hunt) and the Choir men can still be together, like, attached, but work together at the same time, and they're flat like G&W, so they wouldn't lag the game, I know they're already a trophy, but IMO, that doesn't stop anybody.

Ice Climbers

"He explained they caused Lag, blah blah blah" yeah, Yeah, I know, listen, they caused lag, here's the thing, why not just pull a Olimar and Alph, Popo is a character alone, and Nana is an alt that each, no ones mad, you don't have to get rid of a loved character and can give a little change at the same time, just feel like this could have been avoided easily, but what do I know.

Prince Of Sablé

I don't even know who this guy was, I just saw him and wanted him playable, that's all I can say...literally, that's it.


I aswell want Ridley, Waluigi, Dixie Kong, Mewtwo as playable as well, but I went with lesser known choices, explained them a bit more.


Last but not lease stages, we have many great ones *looks at Mute City*, some, not so great *looks at Rainbow Road* but I feel there's so,etching wrong with them, let's see.

Mario stages

I can't understand 7 characters, I can't understand 8 stages when no other series has more than 2 like, c'mon, where Duck Hunts stage, maybe another Kid Icarus stage, more random stages like an old DS idk, but my 7 Mario stages as well as half of them being moving stages, they just can't keep still, I dint like it, but whatever.

Disable Bosses

I wish I could, but I can't, if you've played the online version of Megamans stage you'd know how it feel to wait 10 minutes to jump off the stage when the Yellow Devil appears, if you don't it totally sucks, just wish I could make them go away...and that doesn't mean turning on Final Destination Mode either.

Series that don't have Characters

Even to they're not playable (yet) I believe Rhythm Heaven Should have a stage, something, it's a popular series, why not? That's literally all I could say to that, there's more stages than just that, but ye.


Tell me what you think of this, what would you have changed if you made Smash Bros 4 thanks for reading.

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