Following my last blog with an obvious negative touch, let's brings some positivity (for me at least) with My Top 11 Characters I Want In Smash, yes I will be putting Assist trophies in here, but they would be more meant for Smash Bros 5 rather than DLC, now, let's get to the list.

Number 11

Mach Rider

Again another person is at the top due to my low knowledge of them, but if think Mach Rider would be perfect for Smash, he's A very historical Nintendo character and even tho we already have a character who uses a vehicle (Bowser Jr) that's a modified vehicle, I'd love to see how they make a guy who's only in his motorcycle work out to be a fighter, I know I'll love it if it ever happens.

Happiness scale is he made it in: 6.4/10

Number 10


Let's start off with an odd pick, there are many character that could represent the eshop, it's a big part of the 3DS after all, but I think Dillon would be the best fit for it, he can spin similar to Sonic but I don't think spinning needs to be every single one of his moves (I hate Sonic) I've seen some of Dillons Rolling Western and I think he'd get a very suitable moveset to join this roster, he's popular enough to get an Assist Trophy, so why not a character? Sadly by the time Smash 5 is out I doubt Dillons popularity will be alive unless he has a few sequels planned, which I also sadly doubt.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 6.5/10

Number 9

Simon Belmont

I'm putting Simon Belmont here due to me not knowing a lot about him, but I know he'd be great for Smash, in my opinion Smash always needs that "serious character" like Snake (who probably won't be coming back). But not serious like Bayonetta, Simon fits it perfectly with his game and his moveset can be very very unique with all the various items in Castlevania. I think he fits in well and I'd love to see him one day.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 7.2/10

Number 8

Chorus Kids

This is a fun choice, imagine a fighter based around sound that isn't Freddy Fazbear, someone who actually has a chance cause they're horribly underrepresented in the series, that's the Chorus Kids, before you complain that the Ice Climbers were removed cause their were 2 of them, let alone 3, the Chorus Kids are seemingly stuck together, so they do the same moves at the same time and all control the same, and it would work they fit into the roster perfectly, I've only sent 2 requests on the fighter ballot, and the Chorus Kids were one of them.

Happiness scale if they make it in: 7.2/10

Number 7

Dixie Kong

Donkey Kong, a game that started the gaming industry as we know it, Donkey Kong has changed a lot from the original arcade title, Donkey Kongs the good guy now, but you'd think the series would be a bit more represented, I was sure we were getting Dixie Kong as a playable character with Tropical Freeze, how did we not, she's more than worthy to become a fighter, this spot was either between K. Rool or Dixie, but I chose Dixie because she just had more reason in my opinion, I'd love to see them both one day, but I'd rather Dixie.

Happiness scale if she makes it in: 7.8/10

Number 6


Once Greninja was confirmed, I was literally expecting Sceptile to attack him in the same trailer and then he, Greninja, and Charizard would be shown fighting it out, I was very disappointed (cause I was one of those people who thought Greninja was Mewtwo) and with ORAS, geez was I expecting him to be revealed as well. Now the ORAS hype has sort of passed, so I doubt we'll see Sceptile anymore, but I'd still be happy.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 8/10

Number 5

Bandana Dee

Kirby, a very well known series and created by the person who created Smash, you'd think it would have as many reps as Mario, but alas, it's on par with Kid Icarus, but Unlike Kid Icarus, it didn't get a new rep in Smash 4, Bandana Dee deserves to be that spot, he's playable in some Kirby games, being probably the most unique out of the four, and would be the first "common enemy" to be playable (not counting Pokemon) so I believe he should be on this roster, c'mon Sakurai, put in your very on Bandana Dee for us.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 8.5/10

Number 4

Dark Samus

I think it's very well known I dislike Zero Suit Samus a lot, I don't hate her in general I just hate how she's a playable character when we still have Samus, they're the same person. Metroid has technically has had one person represent their franchise for 4 Smash Bros games (not counting bosses or enemies) and everyone's asking for Ridley, who I would love, but I'm going with someone more likely, Dark Samus, if you ask me, the series needs a few 'Dark' characters, Dark Pit is a favorite of mine, and so would Dark Samus, her (I assume it's a her) assist trophy alone can be her moveset, she has like 4 different moves when she's summoned, this is going in for too long, Dark Samus please, it needs to happen.

Happiness scale if she makes it in: 8.7/10

Number 3

Skull Kid

If you know, you know I dislike The Legend Of Zelda, but I will admit that it's treatment in Smash isn't the greatest, it's technically had the same characters since Melee, Link, another Link, Zelda, Sheik, and Ganondorf, I can't even use any of them and the only one I see being used online is Sheik, so why Skull Kid? Cause he's memorable and fits in perfectly he doesn't have to focus on a weapon he focuses on being Skull Kid and his powers, not to mention that laugh would be an amazing taunt.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 9/10

Number 2


I'm original! Waluigi! Do I really need to explain him? I'll just go through my opinions, more worthy than Daisy, need a Mario Sports rep, "4 Brothers". Waluigi Time.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 9.9/10



If you've read any post I've ever posted ever, you saw this coming a mile away, the Mario and Luigi series is probably my favorite Mario series and my 4th favorite series in general, and boy do I love Fawful and his fury (which would make a great taunt) Fawfuls moveset is there just by playing 10 minutes of Superstar saga when he appears at Bowsers ship, we need more villains if you ask me, there are a lot to choose from, but Fawful would be an amazing pick for the series, I was shocked when he wasn't in Mario Kart 8, even more shocked he wasn't a trophy is Smash Bros, Fawful in smash really would make Smash triple the fun.

Happiness scale if he makes it in: 10/10


You probably don't agree again :D I probably don't care, hope you enjoyed ^_^

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