My Top 5 Wanted Characters for Fighters Pass 2

Hello everyone, I am ToXin, I play Smash Bros competitively but I too have my fair share of fun, casual play. With the release of Min Min as the first of six other newcomers of the 2nd Fighters Pass, players around the world are thriving more than ever for their character to be in this Smash Title. Without further ado, here are my 5 most wanted characters to take the remaining slots in the 2nd Fighters Pass!

1. Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

First off, my first Smash game was Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, and playing this as a casual player, I loved Subspace Emissary, but what I really loved about it was the insane Final Boss: Tabuu. Tabuu would be a very awesome pick to be a part of Ultimate's Roster because he would be the first character original to the Smash Bros. series to be playable instead of more crossover characters, and he would be the 2nd boss (the first one being Ridley) to finally be playable in the hands of many players. The likely-hood of this coming true is 50-50, at least in my head, but think about it, Tabuu would be an amazing tribute to the Smash Bros. franchise and would make a lot of players happy, so even if we didn't get "Subspace 2" like how we wanted it, this character would definitely make up for the absence of Smash 4's story mode and the disappointment of some fans over World of Light. His stage would be his amazing Final Boss Stage: Tabuu's Residence. And the music could just be more music from the Smash Bros. Series or maybe remasters of them.

2. Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Okay, I know what you are thinking... ANOTHER ANIME SWORDSMAN?! Well, I mean at least it's not Fire Emblem, but Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia would also make a great character for this game. If you wanted Kirito from Sword Art Online into Smash but couldn't because Sakurai is adding characters original to video games, Lloyd is your next best bet! He is a 17 year old known for his signature Dual-Wielding abilities and so this alone would make Lloyd unique from everyone else in the roster, he is the only Dual-Wielding Swordsman without equipping the beam sword or the killing edge to give him two swords. Smash Ultimate has been pretty creative with how they made their DLC characters, so I wouldn't be surprised if they choose Lloyd and give us a very fun and unique new character with Two-Swords, which is like, every kid's dream to have a Dual-Swordie. And plus, Lloyd was already considered with his Smash 4 Mii Costume, but Ultimate doesn't seem to have it anymore so Lloyd has a chance! His stage could be the Tower of Salvation or the Battle Colosseum and there are a lot of great music from the Tales Of Series as well.

3. Raiden (Metal Gear Series)

Raiden (Metal Gear Series)

So Sakurai recently told us that he was trying to keep secret about games he is trying so that people can't speculate who is being added so easily. Smash Ultimate is a flashy, fast-paced game and there is a character I know that would fit right in to the speed and beauty of this game and that guy is none other than Raiden from the Metal Gear Series. Now, we already have a Metal Gear rep: Snake, and two more Konami reps: Simon and Richter. After Snake we thought that was pretty much it for Konami newcomers but the reveal of Simon and Richter threw that away, so what if we get a reveal trailer where Snake gets jumped by a bunch of fighters then calls for backup. No one responds but then we hear Raiden's voice and he comes to save an ally and joins the battle, that would make for a sick reveal trailer and a great newcomer matching the speed of Smash Ultimate and the flashiness of it too. His stage would be on Metal Gear Excelsus like the final boss match against President Armstrong with lots of cool hazards. The music from Metal Gear Rising is also really hype and they can add from all other MGS titles.

4. Akira Howard (Astral Chain)

Akira Howard (Astral Chain)

Astral Chain is one of the most recent exclusive releases for the Nintendo Switch and it's a really good game with an amazing concept of the story, characters, etc. I definitely see Akira Howard, both the male and female versions coming into Smash similar to Byleth. They have these robots called Legions and they could act similar to Joker and Arsene or Rosalina and Luma and would make for another fun, flashy, and unique character. The stage would be in the city, similar to some Traditional Fighting games' backgrounds with some cars or enemies passing by as hazards. The music in Astral Chain could be remixed a bit and match the pace of Smash Ultimate.

5. Yuito Sumeragi (Scarlet Nexus)

Yuito Sumeragi (Scarlet Nexus)

Lastly, we have Yuito from Scarlet Nexus. This game hasn't been released yet so we don't know much about the story or the characters but we got a pretty good glimpse of the protagonist Yuito. Sakurai would definitely try this game out and I wouldn't be surprised to see Yuito make it into Smash Ultimate. He has Phychokenisis abilities and he is a swordsman as well with a futuristic samurai-like design. He has lots of potential to be a great character, and I hope the stage and music would be just as amazing as well.

Well, that's my list for my wanted characters. Let me know what you think through comments or messages. I hope this made you interested in my topic. Peace out everyone!

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