You already know about Palutena's Guidance, Pit's Smash Taunt, which exist in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In this, Pit, Palutena, and Viridi converse about the opposing fighter. Except the DLC characters since it was too early to be revealed. So I thought to create a possible conversation about those characters.

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Pit: What is that? Doesn't look too friendly.

Palutena: That's Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokémon. It is actually a clone of a Legendary Pokémon created by humans. And arguably, it is the most powerful Pokémon in the world.

Viridi: Why do someone create such a powerful creature in the world?!

Palutena: The humans have manipulated its DNA to control its incredible power. But they failed, so Mewtwo destroyed its own creators.

Pit: That's terrible! How do I even fight this Pokémon?

Palutena: Just watch out for his Shadow Balls. The longer it charges one, the more it'll damage on contact.

Viridi: Not only that, but he could strike you with Disable, or Confusion, to spin you off.

Palutena: Although it has powerful psychic attacks, he's vulnerable to physical attacks. So wait for an opening to strike back.


Pit: What's this little kid doing here?

Palutena: He's Lucas. While he may look timid, he can deal some powerful PSI attacks.

Viridi: And watch out for his PK Thunder, which he can use to knock himself back to stage, or to knock you instead. So better use your Guardian Orbitars to reflect it back!

Palutena: He also does some lethal damage with his feet.

Viridi: What?! But he's just a little guy!

Palutena: Although he is small, he packs some great punches and serious throws. And most of his regular attacks also push him back, making it hard to counter.

Pit: And I thought he's just a little kid with some cool hair. But still, I'll try my best.


Pit: Another swordsfighter here.

Palutena: He's Roy, the talented leader of the Pherae's army. He holds the Sword of Seals, which reacts to his feelings.

Viridi: What's so special about this sword?

Palutena: He can charge his blade into a Flare Blade, which, when fully charged, can instantly do a KO.

Pit: That's incredible! How can I even fight back?

Palutena: While he has so many pretty powerful attacks, he tends to be a bit slow to react. Try a quick throw if you find yourself close to Roy.

Pit: Alright! Time to quench his flames!


Pit: Am I dreaming? Is that Ryu?!

Viridi: No way! You're kidding, right? I can't believe it's him!

Palutena: Incredible! One of the most honourable fighters has taken the battlefield!

Pit: Now this is what I call a challenge! I wanna see his Hadoken!

Viridi: Ryu will knock out you before you even say "Hadoken".

Palutena: Don't forgot about his Shoryuken. If used at perfect timing, it can send you flying without a warning.

Viridi: Also watch out for his Focus Punch. He's invincible when he is in focus. So grab him when he does that!


Pit: Who is that guy? Never seen him before.

Palutena: That's Cloud Strife, an elite fighter. He possesses the knowledge and power of a 1st class member of SOLDIER.

Viridi: I've never seen such a huge sword before.

Palutena (If wearing FF7 costume): What he holds is a Buster Sword, the sword gifted by his deceased friend, which has an incredible strength. It is a powerful weapon which does some serious damage.


Palutena (If wearing Advert Children costume): What he holds is a Fusion Sword, the sword consisted of six swords fused together. It is an incredibly powerful weapon which does some serious damage.

Viridi: Take care for his Limit Break gauge. When it gets full, his special attacks will become devastating!

Pit: Don't you think he's a little, over-powered?

Viridi: No, Cloud is clearly a perfectly, well-balanced fighter.


Pit: This fighter's got some fancy wings! I wonder if I could have that.

Palutena: You should be more concerned about your opponent. Corrin is not a pushover. You better watch your back, or you will send off flying... again.

Viridi: Corrin can transform into a dragon, and can land some critical hits!

Pit: What do you mean?!

Palutena: Corrin can counterstrike with a devastating attack, which is going to hurt... a lot.

Pit: This is going to be a tough match.

Palutena: Don't get overwhelmed, or Corrin will go to the offence, and deliver you a powerful Dragon Fang!

Viridi: Nice to get knowing, Pit.

Pit: I'm starting to groan with increasing discomfort.

Note: The last line said by Pit is a reference to Fire Emblem Fates, in which Garon's feelings in subtitles is written as this.


Pit: Who's that, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: That's Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch. I though they have extinct.

Viridi: She must be one of the rare species. She has some nice looking guns, by the way. She has fought against both angelic and demonic monsters. So, does that make her a heroine or a villain?

Pit: Or maybe she's kind of like an anti-hero. I heard that she raised her own younger self, so she might be not too bad.

Palutena: Moving on. Watch out for her bullet arts, she uses all four guns to shoot. She can also slow down time to counterattack.

Viridi: She's also pretty quick on her feet, and can rapidly do punches to fight back.

Palutena: Just keep your distance from her and use items to increase your chances.

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