there are a total of 59 stages not in the multiplayer mode of ultimate. SSE stages not included bisides for boss.

what are those stages and why should they come back? find out here, on my blog pages.(i have heavily researched this subject(no joke))


  1. meta crystal

    Meta crystal. (ssb) Ok. Single player. Obviously that is why its not in. it was metal Mario's battle area. it was small, and completely unique. And easy to make. It does not move AT ALL.
  2. majoras mask

    Majora's mask. (melee) another single player. but cool! you are literally on Majora's mask.
  3. goomba

    goomba (melee) (see above)
  4. Entei

    entei.(melee)(see above)
  5. battle field .
  6. the skins it had in past installments.
  7. it easy to make(reskin)
  8. and it makes people nostalgic
  9. Miiverse

    miivese. wii u RIP miivese. you could have messages by Nintendo.
  10. pokeflots

    poke floats melee popular, awesome fun. problem, stage morf. why don't you have it with out that morf.
  11. tabuu on his stage

    tabuus stage(sse) OK, his stage is just a reskin of the destanation BUT IT LOOKS AWESOME
  12. the blank bosses (ultamint) its alredy in the game, so why not just port it to multi?
  13. gannons boss stage, gannons castle ruins

  14. wolly world wiiu no reson for exclusion.
  15. pac maze. see above.
  16. part of orbital gate assalt

    orbital gate assult. its one of those waky stages.its more for fun. it will take a while, but its worthwhile.
  17. icicle mountain

    icecle mountan. see above.
  18. ruble falls

    rumble falls. see above.
  19. flat 2

    flat zone

    flat zone 1 and 2.
  20. it is easy to make. they just need to peise out the parts from x.

    mark stage

    galleom stage

    pac maze

    rathalosis stage, Ancestral Step

    draculas boss stage. (not to be confuzed with draculas castle)

    wolly world

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