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The characters and stages for SSB3DS was apparently leaked on 20/8/2014. If these rumors are true then it also confirms the characters for SSBWU because Sakurai has already said the games share characters.

No matter how true this rumor may look DO NOT add stuff from these leaks to any pages on this site. Do not create pages for characters like Shulk and Dark Pit either or any leaked stages. If anything from these leaks is confirmed to be real you add the parts confirmed to be real to the wiki, nothing more. For every truth in this article and the comments there is most likely twice as much false information which does not belong on pages on this site.


This is not 100% confirmed but I think this is the most real-looking leak so far and if it's fan-made then somebody did an excellent job with these pictures. Click the pictures for "sources". I haven't actually found anywhere that says how these were leaked so don't be surprised if they are fake. If you click certain pictures it will take you to Smashboards where they have more leaks and pictures that prove and disprove the leaks.

I heard from a YouTube comment that 1 picture is fake but I don't think that is true because it seems so unlikely that 1 picture is fake and the rest are real. To me they are either all real or all fake. I'm hoping for a 3DS stage reveal or veteran reveal from a pic of the day soon because that would most likely confirm if this is real or not.

Update 25/8/14

Nintendo Life has an article showing footage of Ganondorf, Shulk and Bowser Jr. Footage like this is very hard to fake so I would say they are in fact real.

  • Nintendo has since removed the videos and won't confirm if the leak is real or not. I am highly confident that this is the final roster.
  • With that said, don't take my word for it if you don't believe the leaks for a good reason. Nintendo has been known to remove many videos from YouTube before (apparently once they gave themselves a strike although I'm not sure if that is true) and Nintendo could remove any video containing SSB3DS info. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine is that these leaks seem very real.

Update 29/8/14

The one day I sleep in late instead of waking up early, this trailer is uploaded. MIIVERSE1 This means his body is more than ready!

Also revealed

  • A new 3DS model with ZR and ZL buttons, a new button that seems to be for controlling the in-game camera for Xenoblade 3DS, faster download speeds, better 3D and Amiibo support and also comes at a regular 3DS size or 3DS XL. Watch the trailer here.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (the Wii game) will be ported to the 3DS and requires the new model. Watch the trailer here.
  • Menu themes will be coming to the 3DS. So far you will be able to customise your 3DS Dashboard to be like TLOZ: ALBW, AC: New Leaf and Mario.

Character List

If this rumor is true then the game will have 48 characters.

Stage list (new stages only)

Brawl stages

Melee stages

New stages

  • F-Zero SNES stage
  • Earthbound stage
  • Gaur Plains (Xenoblade Chronicles) (also on Wii U)

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