Hey everyone. I do realize I haven't been active for a while (I blame it on life, school, and the new mobile format of the wiki), but I'm gonna try to become more active again. I can't make any promises, though (Super Mario Maker, stage and game, are sooooooo addicting). So, let's begin.

I'm probably not the only one who thinks that Brawl in the Family is the most awesome webcomic on the internet. I mean, it's a comic on Nintendo, specifically Smash. What's not to like? Recently, I was thinking about the comic Smash Voters: Marth, and realized something. Matthew Taranto (I hope that's his name) unintentionally predicted various things that happened in Smash 4 (A little better than he was at predicting Splash Woman's Weakness [#80: Weakness]). So, looking through the archives, I found a few comics that unintentionally predicted some things in Smash Bros. 4.

The Smash Ballot


Comic #511: Smash Voters: Mario

First off, he predicted the recently closed Smash Ballot. Just replace the veteran fighters with the Smash Fandom, change the name from Smash Voters to Smash Ballot, and you've pretty much got the Smash Ballot. Fans can vote for DLC Fighters, but it will not guarantee the fighter the fans want a spot. In an attempt to avoid making any assumptions that could be proven wrong, he set up the exact conditions for the Smash Ballot. BUT WAIT, there's more.

Character: Mewtwo


Comic #514: Smash Voters: Pokémon Trainer

Ok, so this has very little to back it up, now that I look at it... But when I found it, I thought it may have predicted Mewtwo... Maybe the Master Ball Item as well... No? Ok, moving on. (P.S.: If you thought this section was crappy, tell me in the comments).

Character: Roy, Bowser Jr., and Koopalings


Comic #526: Smash Voters: Marth

Yet another Smash Voters comic. The obvious prediction is Fire Emblem's Roy making his return as DLC. But there's a little more to that, specifically that last frame. We have Bowser Jr. freaking out, kind of as if he was waiting for an acceptance letter. We now know that he's in Sm4sh as a playable as a playable character. But then there's Super Mario's Roy. Intentionally meant to poke fun at the two characters' shared names (remember to specify, boys), it mistakenly predicted both Roy and Larry, along with the rest of the Koopalings, as alternate palette swaps for our very own Hier to the Koopa Troop. Cool, huh? Bare with me, I've still got one more comic.

Character: Palutena


Comic #539: Leak

Ok, for those of you who weren't following Sm4sh's development, there was a leak at one point that supposedly leaked Palutena. The leak was later confirmed false, yet the comic assumes that Palutena was going to be in Smash, and Matthew says in the description that he was sure that Palutena was going to get into Smash. So this is probably the only time I can see where the author intentionally predicted a character. Sadly, Palutena's wish for Ridley to join the battle was unfulfilled. Sadness :'(

Sadly, about four months after I discovered the comic, Matthew shut down the comic. It's a shame, too. It was so good. Anyway, That's all I could find at this moment. If there's any I missed, please tell me.

So yeah. Time to play some Super Mario Maker. Don't worry, I'll come back this time.


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