Hello everyone. Thank you for all you comments. I looked today and saw that the last blog I did (The massive Bass/Treble/Knuckles one that drove me crazy) made it onto the popular blogs list. Thank you for your input.

Anywho, to the moveset. Impa was quite the challenge, and I was considering adding her in my fan game, so this project was kinda in progress before HylianHobbit suggested her for Fantasy Moveset. My thought process when beginning the process was, "Ok, Impa's in Hyrule Warriors, so we'll make a moveset out of that." Then it was, "Ok, we should make her a little more original. We'll do the giant sword from Hyrule Warriors in her Final Smash." Than it became this non-Hyrule Warriors related movesets.

Impa (Requested by HylianHobbit)

Impa Artwork (SS)

Impa's Skyward Sword Artwork.

Normal Moves

Neutral: Two punches, than a series of rapid kicks, ending in a punch.

Side Tilt: Jabs hand half-clenched in an upwards direction. Has very little vertical KB.

Up Tilt: Kicks upwards, in a similar manner to Sheik.

Down Tilt: Sweeps foot in front of her.

Dash Attack: Flies forward, foot extended.

Side Smash: Kick forwards twice, advancing as she does so; this move is similar to Sheik.

Up Smash: Kicks upwards twice, similar to Sonic's up tilt.

Down Smash: Does a split.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral: Kicks forward, and then backwards.

Forward: Brings foot upwards, than brings it down heel first.

Back: Kicks backwards with both feet.

Up: Does a flip with her foot outstretched.

Down: Twits herself in the air, hitting multiple times, similar to Fox's down aerial.

Ledge Attack: Jabs forward with hand half-clenched.

100% Ledge Attack: Kicks forward.

Get-Up Attack: Does a damaging breakdance.

Grabs, Throws, and Other

Pummel: Jabs opponent with hand half-clenched.

Forward Throw: Punches opponent forward.

Back Throw: Kicks opponent backwards.

Up Throw: Does a flip, kicking opponent upwards.

Down Throw: Slams opponent down, then slams opponent with her heel.

Special Moves

Neutral: Chain: This move is the same as Sheik's, since, y'know, Sakurai replaced it for some reason.

Side: Pouncing Cat: Crouches down, than jumps forward, foot outstreached.

Up: Vanish: Also the same as Sheik's, but with more attack power.

Down: Furious Falcon: Dashes forward, kicking multiple times, and ending in a with a single, more powerful kick, similar to Mii Brawler's Foot Flurry.

Final Smash: Raging Lion: Impa kicks forward, propelling anyone in range upward. Impa then jumps up and hits the opponent multiple times, than finishes with a final strike.=, hitting the opponent to the ground. This Final Smash can KO at low damages.

Well, that's all for now. I will be working on some of your other requests. Next will be Nightmare from the SoulCalibur series.

As a side note, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U has been nominated for the SXSW Gaming Reward for various things (However, if someone can explain what the latter is in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it). If your looking for something to do, or aren't, head over there and give your votes, and help our very own Smash cross the finish line and grab one, if not all, the award(s) it's been nominated for.

Welp, I'm done. See you later.

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