Hey everyone. Wow, what a week. Cloud being confirmed, a new livestream in December (I love it when Sakurai trolls us), and all kinds of new stuff happening on this wiki, an upcoming blog series by Plasmaster, and a new user, MrBreada. Be sure to give him a warm welcome in his introduction blog.

Now, let's get down to business. A week or two ago, InklingChris shared a leak from 4Chan that leaked (obviously) info on this past Nintendo Direct. Here are a few links.

Chris' blog on the subject:


The Nintendo Direct Summary I am using as reference on Nintendo Life:


I would share a link to the Nintendo Direct, but it's not up anywhere that I'm aware of. If I'm wrong and one of you guys has it, feel free to share the link. If that's the case, other users be warned. The Direct is a little over 45 minuets. Yeah, but it's totally worth it, after seeing the face Reggie makes during the Yo-Kai Watch mini presentation. For those of you who can't wait, here it is.

Priceless, am I right?

I'm sorry, I just had to do that. Anyway, let's cut to the chase. I want to go over both subjects and see what all was correct from the 4Chan leak and what didn't happen. And so, as Sakurai said oh so long ago, "Let's Begin."

The 4Chan Leak VS. The November 12th Nintendo Direct

(4Chan sections taken from InklingChris' blog)

4Chan: Smash ballot results, 6 characters 3 available after the direct

Nintendo Direct: That didn't happen, otherwise I would've just dropped Sonic and the Black Knight and be playing Smash. We did get an announcement for Cloud though, with news of an impending livestream.

4Chan: More Wii U eshop titles and virtual console games announced with discounts leading up to Christmas!

Nintendo Direct: True, with some 3DS titles as well, including Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

4Chan: Twilight Princess HD is announced and will release in February as part of the 30th anniversary of Zelda.

Nintendo Direct: This prediction is mostly accurate, though it does fail to mention the TPHD's amiibo compatibility and Midna-Wolf-Link amiibo. Also, the release date is March 4, not February.

4Chan:Zelda Wii U gets an official title but no gameplay is shown.

Nintendo Direct: Also mostly accurate, except for the title part.

4Chan: Pikmin 4 is announced and will release sometime in Spring 2016.

Nintendo Direct: There was no mention of Pikmin at all in the direct, unless you count the part in Cloud's trailer with Zelda and the Pikmin.

4Chan: Star Fox Zero gets a new trailer and releases on February 26th!

Nintendo Direct: This is half true. The trailer shown of Star Fox Zero may or may not be the intro sequence of the game, and the release date is slated for April 22. Sadness :'(.

4Chan: New remaster series for 2016 announced for Wii U and 3DS including Super Mario Sunshine HD and F-Zero X 3D

Nintendo Direct: As cool as it would be to have a Super Mario Sunshine remake, there was nothing about a remaster for either of these series.

4Chan: Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer and demo after the direct w/pre-load

Nintendo Direct: Though footage of the game was shown, there was no trailer and I'm not 100% sure if there's a demo.

4Chan: Details on Nintendo Account , Miitomo, and My Nintendo

Nintendo Direct: I have no idea what this is, and there was nothing in the direct about this.

4Chan: Details on Super Mario Maker DLC

Nintendo Direct: Though there was a section about Super Mario Maker, there was nothing on DLC for said game.

4Chan: Fire Emblem Fates trailer and release date of March 25th.

Nintendo Direct: No trailer, and an inaccurate release date; but what would all you Fire Emblem fans say to... I dunno, February 9. Yeah.

4Chan: Mario and Luigi Paper Jam trailer and release date.

Nintendo Direct: No trailer, and no release date, but their were details on the game.

4Chan: Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer and release date of April 22nd.

Nintendo Direct: What is with this leaker and trailers? There was no trailer, and the release date is March 25. Plus, Linkle.

4Chan: Short tribute for Iwata is shown.

Nintendo Direct: Though they probably should of done one, this was not the case, though Reggie did mention his passing in the beginning, acknowledging his death and thanking everyone for their support.

4Chan: Direct concludes with Splatoon DLC and new game modes.

Nintendo Direct: This Splatoon stuff was placed near the beginning of the direct, and the we instead got something about Smash DLC at the close of the trailer.

The Verdict

The leak makes some surprisingly correct assumptions, but for the most part, it makes a lot of wild guesses. My verdict: The leaker had some evidence, but made a lot of guesses at the same time. So yeah.

Questions? Comments? Wanna talk? Just plain bored? That's what the comments are for, and I'll SEE YA LATER!

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