Hello all,

Recently I discovered an online Hunger Games simulator, and I thought it would be fun to play it here. Basically, if you want to participate, sign up below in the comments. No one controls their actions, rather it is completely done by a simulator until only one user is left standing.

If you want to sign up in the comments, fill out this parameter:

Name: your name here

Nickname: A nickname, for example Derpy for DerpyDoodle. You don't need to have one if you don't want to.

Partner: Say which person you would like to be teamed up with, and I will try to put the two of you in the same district.

Signups will be open for a week; 24 is the minimum needed. If we don't have the minimum, I'll add Smash Bros. characters and such. If we get a lot more than 24 signups, I can increase the size to 36 or 48 contestants.

May the smashing odds be ever in your favor!

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