Greetings everyone! Well, I'm back from vacation, and I've decided now is the time for another tournament! However, it's not like any tournament you've experienced before.

We're still reeling from the announcements of Roy and Ryu, but it's important to not forget that the Fighter Ballot is on the horizon! Simply put, 32 characters will go head-to-head to determine which of them would make the best DLC character. When one character is left standing, I want all of us to vote for that character on the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, preferably from a different IP address just in case.

But before we can get on with voting, we must actually decide which characters get to duke it out! Below I have a chart with 20 characters that I have gleaned from this wiki as being popular DLC contenders...and then one.

Round 1
Bomberman Shantae
Bomberman Shantae

Round 2
Isaac King k rool larger render by wilttilt-d7qbl0n
Isaac King K. Rool

This is going to be a simple 32-character single elimination, so of course we need 12 more characters! That is where you all come in. In the comments, nominate a character which you want to be a contender in this tournament. You can nominate most anyone, with some exceptions.

  • The character being nominated must have originated from a video game. Shrek is to be the only "joke" character in the tournament.
    • While the game can be from any company, your nomination will most likely be more popular if the owner of that character is Nintendo or is heavily affiliated with Nintendo.
  • No characters which are already present in the game can be nominated. This includes Assist Trophies, Poke Balls, Stage Hazards, Ridley. Exceptions are aharacters which are only trophies or unaffected background characters.
  • Did I mention no Ridley?

That's all. So submit your nominations! Deadline is next Friday. Afterwards, all the allowed nominations will go head to head in a giant poll, and the twelve characters with the most votes will enter the tournament. If 12 or fewer characters are nominated, there will be no voting. You may nominate more than one character, but you can only nominate one character per comment and four different people must comment after you before you can nominate again. Please don't nominate the same character more than once, as it will just be consolidated into one and the character's chances of success will not increase.


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