• Shideravan

    I'm playing the Demo, and discovery a lot of things that are included... Until now:

    ASSIST TROPHIES: Andross, Nintendog, Color TV Game 15, Chain Chomp, Lyn, Elec Man, Knuckle Joe, Mother Brain, Samurai Goroh, Isabelle.

    POKÉMON: Electrode, Staryu, Snorlax, Fennekin, Abomasnow, Dedenne, Arceus (from Master Ball).

    ITEM: Everyone revealed, except... Poison Mushroom Mr. Saturn Timer Team Healer Deku Nut Boomerang Chest

    Do you think that demo have every Item/Assist Trophy/Pokémon that will have in final game? What else did you find?

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  • Shideravan

    Goodbye Ice Climbers!

    September 12, 2014 by Shideravan

    Maybe the most creative Super Smash Bros. character ever created... It's was like control 2 different characters at same time (and that was much better than anyone could think at first glance). Maybe it's a biased opinion, but certainly they absence will be noted. Do you agree?

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