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  • Serperiorfan

    So I had a 9 day streak yesterday, and when I check today, it's gone!

    This also isn't the first time it's happened to me (17 I think was my highest).

    Is this a glitch, or are there just some strange rules about it I don't understand?

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  • Serperiorfan



    (At least we finally get Flipnote Studio 3D)

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  • Serperiorfan

    The 12 days of Smashmas

    December 25, 2014 by Serperiorfan

    On the 12th day of Smashmas, the announcer gave to me,

    12 Smoke Balls!

    11 Boomerangs!

    10 Fire Flowers!

    9 Smart Bombs!

    8 Metal Boxes!

    7 Rocket Belts!

    6 Franklin Badges!

    5 Poke Balls!

    4 Assist Trophies!

    3 Master Balls!

    2 Special Flags!

    And a Smash Ball all for me!

    (The items go in the order of worst to best [In my opinion.].)

    I didn't do the first eleven days, because that would be a lot of copying and pasting to do on Christmas Day.

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  • Serperiorfan

    So basically, I got SSB for Wii U as an early Christmas gift, and so I played the living snot out of it. I was doing the challenge, "A battle of scale" and I was having trouble. If you don't know what the challenge is, it's that you have to beat giant Bowser as Olimar on the Garden of Hope Stage.

    So at one point, I kinda started fooling around, and I was trying to get in the pot when the Pikmin rebuild it. So I did a few times, but once, Bowser got in with me! Since we was big, instead of his body sticking out of the pot, he kind of just disappeared, and when we broke the pot open, he was normal size permanently!

    It also made the event much, much easier.

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  • Serperiorfan

    So let's think of ideas.

    Mine is this:

    Who is your favourite 3rd party character?



    Mega Man


    What are your ideas?

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