What? The Japanese text representation of series titles in the minor universes section has a notable flaw which comes across primarily on mobile. The phrases are shown in the form of a quote, where the Romanji takes the place of the character and the Hiragana/Katakana takes the place of the quote itself. All of this is encapsulated within parenthesis which are returned at the bottom and top. This would look like:

( ネコ


) [Description begins]

Why? Needless to say, it looks horribly ugly on mobile. Although mobile and presentation aren't very important in general, having information neatly organized does raise the value of the resource.

How? Honestly, don't really know that much about formatting and such, although the quote form has gotta go if it can't be remedied to look more appropriate. The parenthesis may not have to go if the aren't returned at the bottom and top, as it bleeds into the beginning information at the moment. Really hope this can be addressed in some way.

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