What if Kirby used his anime transformations when copying an ability.


A plain red/green hat falls on Kirby’s head, then a red M or green L is traced on the screen. The letter than falls flat on the cap, turning part of its white in the process.


Kirby gets covered in fur, then shakes it off its face. He then charges a Giant Punch before posing.


Kirby falls into Link’s green cap, struggles a bit, then pulls out the bow for the Link absorbed and put on the hat.


Kirby is chased by Samus gunship, which crashes into him. The destroyed fragments then form the helmet.

Dark Samus

Kirby is consumed by dark poisonous liquid and seeningly drowns, but then creates a blue explosion and reveals Dark Samus helmet on his head.

    • Kazuya uses a similar sequence


Kirby is squashed by a Yoshi egg, which then cracks and breaks, forming his hat.


Kirby is chased by an Arwing, which crashes nearby and rematerialises into the hat, which automatically attaches itself to Kirby.

    • A similar things happens to Wolf and his Wolfen.


Kirby is electrocuted by a thunderbolt, which lingers on his head. The electrcical energy then reforms into his hat as he poses.


Kirby is struck by a circular PK particle, which then turns into Ness' cap, and attaches itself to Kirby.

C. Falcon

Kirby is hit by the Blue Falcon and sent flying, which then releases Captain Falcon’s helmet. Kirby outs on the helmet and is surrounded by firey energy as he poses.


Kirby falls asleep, as Jigglypuff’s ears and hair form on top. Kirby then wakes up sursprised.


The crystal at the centre of their crown materialises. The whole crown then forms, which attaches itself to Kirby’s head,


Kirby’s head is lit on fire as he panics, but he eventually shakes off the flames, revealing the Bowser hat.

Ice Climbers

Kirby is frozen over, then thaws put. The ice particles form his hammer and parka.


Kirby sees the Sheikah symbol and is stunned by it. Sheik’s clothes then materialise on Kirby as he regains composure.


Kirby is encased by a diamond, whoch is set ablaze. The flames are blown off by a green whirlwind, revealing Kirby’s Zelda hat.

Dr. Mario

Kirby eats a megavitamin, cringes(turns green), and blows up. He then reappears with the hat and 2 megavitamins in hand.


Kirby is trapped by purple energy, which then dissapates to form Ganon's sideburns and crown, gathering at Kirby’s hands in the process.


Tubes are attached to Kirby, making him flail, causing them to fall off and form Mewtwo’s appendages.


The falchion falls next to Kirby, which he tries to pull up. When he does, blue hair materialises over his head.


Kirby’s head is set ablaze as he panics, but he regains compusure and draws the binding blade from the flames, cuts a streak in them, forming Roy’s hair.

Mr. Game And Watch

Kirby is flattened, and the sprayed black. Kirby puffs himslef back up as he whips out a frying pan.

Meta Knight

Kirby grips Galaxia and forms the mask, which homes in on his face. 2 wings then sprout on his back.

Pit/Dark Pit

A white/dark light flashes over Kirby’s head and creates the outline of the wreath. Kirby then pulls out the bow from the wreath.


Kirby is zapped by an attack from behind. The yellow spark then forms ZSS’ ponytail, which materialises the paralyser.


A riugue Wario bike charges at Kirby and breaks, The front tyre falls on Kirby’s head, forming the helmet. Kirby then shakes the straps loose.


Kirby assumes a tough look as missiles are fired tiwards him, as the smoke clears, Kirby has donned Snake’s apperance and is holding up a grenade.


Kirby is hit by a falling Ragnell, which lands next to him. Kirby then pulls out Ragnell, forming Ike’s hat.


Kirby is hit by a spinning turtle shell, which he gets stuck in. He then breaks the bottom and ejects the tail.


A seed lands on Kirby’s head, stunning him. The seed then grows into the hat as Kirby recovers.


Kirby’s head is alighted by a flame, which then dies down into a small flame as the hat materialises.

Diddy Kong

Diddy’s hat lands on Kirby’s head, akin to Cappy. Kirby then pulls the Peanut Popgun out and loads it.


Kirby is frozen, then thaws out. The ice then reforms into the hair.


Kirby is bombarded by Rings. The rings then bury him. Kirby then jumps out as a ball and homes in on the screen, bounces off and reverts to normal and poses.

King Dedede

Kirby is whacked by a hammer, wcausing him to gain 2 bumps. He then sneezes out a recoil star, turning the bumps into the King Dedede hat.


Kirby is attacked by various Pikmin and gets covered by them. He then blasts them all off, grabbing one as his Olimar hat is shown.


Kirby's head is set on (blue) fire as he panics. The blue fire then forms the Lucario hat as Kirby regains composure.


The visor smacks Kirby on the head, leaving a bump behind. Kirby then takes the visor and put its on, forming the R.O.B. hat.


A Lloid rocket is seen flying towards Kirby as he runs. Then Kirby turns around to face the rocket and gets hit by it, showing a bright flash. Kirby's hat then materialises as the flash disappears, as he turns to face the screen.

Mega Man

Kirby taps on his forehead, causing various wierd helmets (Falcon's, Fusion Suit, wario bike helmet etc) to appear on his head. After 3 failed attempts, the Mega Man helmet finally materialises, which Kirby draws the Metal Blade from as he posese.

Wii Fit Trainer

A minature sun flies near Kirby and sets his head on fire and burns his skin. He shakes of the dust as the flames form Wii Fit's hair, and the sun flies into his hand for use.

Rosalina and luma

Kirby is bombarded with Star Bits, then gets shot out of a Launch Star. As Kirby returns to the screen, Rosalina's crown is shown on his head, from which he draws her wand for use.

Little Mac

Kirby is multiple times by a pair of boxing gloves. Kirby then grabs them, causing a bright flash, which Kirby punches through to show his transformation is complete.


A water shuriken forms from a flash of light. Autumn leaves blowing in the wind surround Kirby. The shuriken and leaves vanish, forming his hat. He then pulls out his own water Shuriken. Based on Ninjas transformation.


A headband wraps around Kirby's head. He then either takes out a Shot Put, Sword or Energy Ball.


Kirby is showered by light which materialize Palutena's hair on him. He then pulls out her staff.

Pac man

Kirby is surrounded by all outcomes of Bonus Fruit as he looks on in horror, which then crash into him, forming the Pac Man hat as he pulls out the Orange.


Kirby is hit by the Levin Sword falling from above, which he picks up. He then pulls out a tome and tries to use Thunder but zaps himself, forming Robin's hair as he recovers.


The Monado lands next to Kirby as he pulls it out of the ground. He then does all 5 Monado poses before assuming a more battle ready pose.

Bowser Jr.

Kirby is chased by the Clown Car and collides with it, forming his hat. He then activates the cannon.

Duck Hunt

Kirby is surrounded by a lot of cans as they cover the screen. he then kicks all of the cans away with his own can, and prepares another one as the screen pans out.


A band of light forms into the headband. It comically comes off his head which has Ryu's features, but he catches it and puts it on. He then makes energy pulses with his hands and does a little spin.

    • Ken is similar, except that the last frame he rips off the headband.


The Buster sword lands next to Kirby as he struggles to pull it up. When he does, the energy causes Cloud's hair to materialize with a green aura.


A dragon resembling their Dragon form eats Kirby, then spits him out with the hat on. Kirby then turns his arm into the dragon claw.


Kirby is bound by a dark weaves, which he breaks free from. The dark weaves then form the hair, glasses and mole. Kirby then draws Bayonetta’s blasters from it.


Kirby is dive bombed by a squid, which latches on his head. Eventually, after a bit of struggling, the squid turns into the Inkling hat and gives Kirby his Splattershot.


Kirby is blasted by purple energy, which stuns him. Ridley’s skull can then be seen latching on his head.


Kirby is trapped in a coffin and struggles. When he finally does, his hat appears as the Belmonts' swallowed and pulls out an axe,

King k rool

Kirby is eaten by a crocodile, chewed a bit, then spat out. The crown then falls down, ejects the Blunderbuss, and lands on Kirby's head as he picks up the firearm.


Kirby’s head is hit by a spinning flame, which then forms the hat. Kirby then does one spin before posing.

Piranha Plant

Kirby is eaten by one, struggles to escape befire yanking the head off completely. Kirby then spits out a Ptooie before posing.


Kirby poses like Rebel's Guard as he emanates a blue aura. As it fades, Kirby's Joker hat materialises.


Kirby is surrounded by 2 gold rings that causes him to glow white. The Heros’s equipment then attaches itself to him.


Kirby is struck from behind by the backpack, which locks onto him. He then pulls out the plush as the necklace forms.


Kirby is swept up by Terry's hat, which empties him out withe terry's gloves and hair equipped before reattaching itself back n Kirby's head.


the 3 weapons hit Kirby from above and stun him. he then picks them up one by one, he then accidentally shoots failnaught at himself, forming the hat.