AS a Kirby main, I feel Kirby needs some improved move, and better modern rep (and more ablity rep) is always heavily requested. So i fused the 2 together...

Moveset changes

  • Forward Smash: Changed to Animal's Claw Slash. Very similar to Koopa Klaw, but its frame data is slightly faster (comes out on Frame 6, ending on Frame 8) and lacks the throw options. has Super Armour when starting up.
  • Dash Attack: Changed into Wheel. kirby briefly turns into Wheel form and charges forward to deal damage, like Pac Man's Dash attack. While attacking, is invulnerable, but can be interupted by grab.
  • Up Smash: Changed To Circus' Baton attack. A multi-hitting trapping move (Similar to getting stuck in Robin's jab)that can be used to literally juggle heavies and has low launch power. Charged version has the Fire effect.
  • Down Smash; Changed To Quick Finale from Bell. Similar to DK and G and W's Down smash, but Bells are used. Gains super armour.
  • Up Tilt: Changed to Cleaning's Broom flick from Star Allies. A clone of Isabelle's broom. Deals electric damage.
  • Down Tilt: Changed to include the sword. A shorter ranged version of Lucina's.
  • Grab+Throws: Suplex's Dash Grab for grab. Similar To Incineroar's Final Smash activation frames. Invincible during approach. Back breaker from Suplex replace Air Drop.

Kirby makes a small hop in place, breaking the enemy over his shoulders, then throwing the target slightly to the side.

Copy Ablity effect changes

Abilities from inhale changed to match existing abilities:

  • Link's bow: Now has a charge system similar to Archer (Shot->Snipe Shot-> Magic Star Arrow). The last one has a flame and magic effect.
    • Young Link's bow: All arrows start with flame effect.
    • Toon Link's bow: All arrows have a magic effect.
  • Bowser's Fire Breath/Charizard's Flamethrower: Aesthetic change so Kirby's mouth exhaling is similar to Fire.
  • Corrins Dragon Breath Shot: Changed to be more similar to Bubble's Big Bubble, so it can be DI'ed.
  • Doctor Mario's Mega Vitamin: Now acts like Doctor's Bouncing Pill.
  • Hero's Frizz: When charging, the fire now does damage to nearby enemies, like Fire's Fireball Inferno.
  • Ice Climbers' Ice Shot; Kirby is seen using Ice Breath from Ice to create the icicle.
  • Incineroar's darkest lariat: Changes to Wrestler's version:Kirby charges up and then performs an upward-swinging lariat. Kirby can hold the move indefinitely and can turn around while charging. Kirby slides forward while performing the attack. This attack sends opponents upward.
  • Jigglypuff's Rollout: Mimics Wheel in its entirety for the most part: can be cancelled, is invincible during execution, can slow down and change direction etc.
  • Mega Man's Metal Blade: Like Cutter, can be charged to increase damage output. Reverts to normal when picked up from the ground.
  • Mii Brawler's Shot Put: Kirby now mimics his bomb ability's bomb throw during execution.
  • Wario's Chomp: Can lead to a throw, much like Backdrop and Throw.