Enough said. Lets get started


First, R I D L E Y. I'm not a huge Metroid fan, but Smash needed more villains. Having "echo fighters" seems kinda cool. I guess it's kinda like the alternate fighters in Super Smash Bros Crusade. I'm personally excited for Ice Climbers, Snake, and Pokemon Trainer to come back, since I remember them being very fun and interesting characters to play as in Brawl. I'm not to hyped for Pichu and Young Link. From what I know, they're not too popular in Smash. Ganondorf actually uses his sword in one of his moves, which makes him slightly different than Captain Falcon. As an EarthBound fan, I like how Paula/Jeff and Kumatora preform PK Starstorm as, in the original games, they are actually the ones that do use PK Starstorm, not Ness and Lucas. So far, we only got two new fighters, but I feel they will add at least one more character before it releases, and at least one after its release.

Final Smashes

RIP Landmaster. Press F to pay respects. I kinda liked the transformation final smashes back in Brawl and Smash 4. However, now it seems like most of the final smashes are One-Hit-KOs. But the new Giga Bowser looks cool.


The slow motion effects for one-on-one fights is a nice touch, along with the extra movement options such as sideways air dodge and ladder attacks. They kept the Boss Galaga and the Blue Shell, which I found to be some of the more annoying items. Back in Brawl, I had to squint to see my character on New Pork City because the stage was so big, so I really hope they reduced the size. Same goes for Great Cave Offensive. In the Wii U version, there were barely any unlockable characters compared to the number already unlocked, so having a most characters locked was a plus for me.


Overall, Ultimate seems more port than, not-port. The direct was both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. They didn't add many big things (not counting Ridley), such as new characters or game modes, but they added a lot of small things. There are tons of character changes and graphical improvements. They also added fire around the screen during sudden death.

Well, how about you guys?


I noticed that Zelda and Sheik are still separate fighters, which stinks because I preferred how they were one fighter. I think that Samus and Zero Suit Samus are one fighter again but I'm not sure.