Similar to how people have come up with the IRONMAN challenge for your typical multiplayer mode, I'd like to give all Classic Mode players my own challenges I've come up with since I've taken said mode more seriously than others. (It's a decent mode from how I rate both the routes ultimately being a mixed bag alongside how much I like it - note that I said LIKE and not necessarily love for its mixed bag of routes; since I DO judge Classic Mode routes not JUST by their creativity, but also how fairly fun they are when trying to reach the 9.9 score). These challenges may take a lot of luck and perfects, but get lucky enough, and I can guarantee you you can actually accomplish these challenges.

Bronze Challenge (Easy) - Reach 9.9 intensity with EVERY character (DLC included)

Silver Challenge (Moderate) - Score up to 1.8 Million or higher with EVERY character (DLC included)

Gold Challenge (Hard) - Score up to 2 and a half Million with ANY character (with or without DLC)

Platinum Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) - Rack up to 170 Million with EVERY character's score combined (DLC included)

To those of you who need a more clear explanation of how to accomplish these tasks, here's my thread from Smash Boards: