Hi everyone.

I had only intended to stay on this wiki in any official capacity until it stabilized after the remnants of the fork-related drama back in late 2013 died down. With all of the activity in Special:RecentChanges over the past few months in addition to the recent promotions of David eric to rollback and DerpyDoodle to administrator, I think it is safe to say that condition is fulfilled.

As a result of this in addition to the fact that I don't think I'll be able to put in the time needed to be a good administrator here for the foreseeable future, I will be resigning as an admin on this wiki (as you may or may not have already known from this thread), effective shortly after this post goes live and I tie up a few loose ends.

This section is aimed at the other admins. Other users likely aren't missing too much by not expanding this text.

As a parting note, I thought it would be useful to leave a primer on how to do some of the things which I used to take care of/keep updated around here, in case anyone didn't already know and was curious:

Monitoring recent activity

I always, always use Special:RecentChanges over Special:WikiActivity in order to view what is happening on the wiki. The latter (which is exclusive to Wikia) is useful for new users, as it is easy to access and read, only gives info that new users are likely to need anyway, and also contains the community message stored at MediaWiki:Community-corner. However, as the former gives a lot more information (including logs, edits to the template and MediaWiki namespaces, and much more) and has a greater degree of customization, it is significantly more useful to admins and experienced users.


  • MediaWiki:Community-corner controls the message which appears on the right of Special:WikiActivity, which I'm pretty sure is fairly well-known. However, any changes to that page will send a notification (which appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen) to all logged in users, which is useful for letting people know about important happenings within the community. This notification message can be customized at MediaWiki:Communitymessages-notice-msg, and should be updated before individual changes to Community-corner are made.
  • Additionally, MediaWiki:Sitenotice serves a similar purpose for people using the Monobook skin. I don't know how many people use that skin over the default Wikia/Oasis one, but I think it's still a good idea to update this page from time to time just in case.
    • When/if you do choose to update it, going through its history would be a good idea to get some ideas for how it should look/what it should contain. Please make sure to increment MediaWiki:Sitenotice id as well every time significant updates are made in order to ensure that the new notice is displayed to all users.

IP checks

CheckUser cannot be done at a local level on this wiki at this time. This could change at some point in the future, but I wouldn't expect it to until/unless this wiki starts to have a huge problem with disruptive sockpuppets from lots of different sources.

Instead, you will need to contact Wikia Staff about performing CheckUser searches on suspected sockpuppets. When you are writing in for this purpose, make sure you explain how the user is being disruptive, how you suspect this disruption is being caused by the user's usage of multiple accounts (eg. they are avoiding a block on their main account by editing with a sockpuppet after receiving a warning), and what other account(s) you suspect the user of using.

User rights

  • The username highlights for admins and bureaucrats are controlled by MediaWiki:Common.css/highlight.css. In order to add a user to this page, simply add:
    ...at some point in the appropriate section.
  • The comment highlights and forum/message wall tags are controlled by MediaWiki:Wikia.css/comments.css. The easiest way to add a user to this page is simply copy one line from each cluster of code in the appropriate section ("Rollback comments" and "Marks rollbackers on message walls and forums", "Admin comments" and "Marks administrators on message walls and forums", etc.) and replace the name in the copy with the user who was promoted.
  • The rights icons on user profile mastheads are controlled by MediaWiki:Common.js/userRightsIcons.js. You can add users to this page by adding:
    rights["<username>"] = ["<first right>", "<second right>"],
    ...to the appropriate section.

(I tried to keep all of these lists alphabetized, but I don't think the order actually matters.)

In the first two bullet points, note that the comma can be omitted if the added username is the last one before the left curly brace ({) in that particular section. In the last bullet point, the comma at the end of the last username should be replaced with a semicolon.

See you all around! Oscuritaforze (talk) 01:36, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

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