This Is What Shovel Knight's Moveset Would've Been If He Was A Playable Character.

Entrance:Shovel Knight Jumps Onto The Stage And Says "For Shovelry!"

Jab:A Punch,Followed By A Kick,And Finishes With Shovel Knight Swinging His Shovel.

Side Tilt:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Forward,Which Has Decent Launch Power.

Up Tilt:A Quick Uppercut.

Down Tilt:Shovel Knight Digs Up A Pile,Which Can Trip Opponents.

Neutral Air:Shovel Knight Spins Around While Swinging His Shovel.

Forward Air:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel Forward.

Back Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Backwards.

Down Air:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Downwards,Which Can Have A Meteor Effect.

Side Smash:Shovel Knight Swings His Shovel With All His Might,Which Does A Decent Amount Of Damage.

Up Smash:Shovel Knight Thrusts His Shovel Upwards. This Does Decent Damage, However It Can Only Hit Midair Opponents Due To Its Hitbox.

Down Smash:Same Thing As Villager's Down Smash.

Neutral Special:Flare Wand:Shovel Knight Uses The Flare Wand Which Shoots Out A Fireball

Side Special:Propeller Dagger:Shovel Knight Flies Horizontally,Which Travels A Decent Distance.

Up Special:Fishing Rod:Shovel Knight Casts His Fishing Rod Upwards,This Attack Functions Just Like Joker's Grappling Hook.

Down Special:Counter: It's A Counterattack That Reflects Projectiles,What Else Could It Have Been?

Final Smash:Legendary Adventurers:Shovel Knight Teams Up With Shield Knight To Land A Series Of Attacks, Shovel Knight Then Finishes The Opponent Off By Swinging His Shovel With Extreme Force. If The Initial Attack Doesn't Hit, Nothing Happens.

Up Taunt:Shovel Knight Crosses His Arms,Then Laughs Mockingly.

Side Taunt:Shovel Knight Makes A "Come On" Gesture.

Down Taunt:Shovel Knight Fakes His Death.

Due To The Shortage Of Time,I Am Unable To Explain His Victory Animations.

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