This is a wild idea that may be proven wrong

Attack> Basic Punch and kicks

F smash> Strong punch

Down Smash> summonings Two balls next to him

Up smash> Summonig a ball ubove him

Nair > Swinging his ball

Bair> Backwards kick

Fair> His bair in reverse

Dair> Droping his ball down {Gets more strong the longer it falls}

Spec> Throwing the ball that has a chance to stick to its enemis and explode while in the air

F Spec> Running and pushing his ball

D Spec> The king of all cosmos Drops a random item that the prince can throw{Has a cool down of 20sec}

Final Smash> The king of all cosmos teleports the player to the city and the prince rolls them over with a gigantic ball

Costums> Diffrents Princes like Katamari forever