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Now that we've all had some time to familiarize ourselves with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U's new set of brawlers, we think it's a perfect time to put our heads together and gather the best tips and tricks for each of the game's famous fighters -- and we need your help! Leave a comment detailing your battle tactics for specific fighters and your tip will be added to this page!

I'll get things started with a few examples:


  • Pac-Man's down-special produces a fire hydrant that sprays water horizontally across the level. Though the water doesn't do any damage, you can time a smash attack with the spray to catch your opponents off guard. Also, if you manage to hit an enemy with the fire hydrant when you unleash it, you'll do a ton of damage. Added by Matt Hadick
  • His side-special turns back the clock and makes Pac-Man look like he used to on the Atari and in arcades. You can control the pathway of the attack by "drawing" the line after you press the attack button. Added by Matt Hadick
  • if your side special is cancelled by your opponent, you can eat the discarded power pellet to recover a small amount of health. Added by Matt Hadick

Wii Fit Trainer

  • The Wii Fit Trainer's side-special is a volleyball serve. If you press the special button again at the right moment -- just as she is about to strike the ball -- the ball will travel in a straighter line, allowing for better control. Added by Matt Hadick
  • Her down special will grant you a damage buff and let you recover a small amount of damage. Time it right by repressing the special button as the outer circle is outlining the inner circle. If you miss, the move will slow down dramatically. Added by Matt Hadick
  • Even though her movement is oddly stiff, make good use of the Wii Fit Trainers normal attacks. They are fast, can combo effectively, and do a good amount of damage. Added by Matt Hadick

Mega Man

  • Proficient Mega Man players will make good use of his left and right smashes, which may have the best range of any character. Smashing left or right will power up a devastating blaster shot with a huge damage radius. Added by Matt Hadick
  • Mega Man's side special is a great way to distract your opponents. It isn't hard to get some hits in while your opponent obsesses over avoiding damage from the sticky bomb! Added by Matt Hadick
  • His leaf cutter attack might seem weird at first, but making smart use of it will help you win as Mega Man. Activate it in close quarter combat to do damage between your opponents dodges. Every bit of damage counts! Added by Matt Hadick


  • Use Yoshi's down arial 3 times to beat Home-Run Contest. Added by Dan12322

Duck Hunt

Duck HuntBlog
  • His specials can really help combos last longer. Added by LucariOP


Palutena Blog
  • You can use Super Speed to glide while keeping your momentum in Smash Run! Try it from a high platform. Added by Rainbowsnivy
  • Heavenly Light is an effective way to knock down the lights in Boxing Ring. Combine it with a Rocket Jump to speed the process further. Added by Rainbowsnivy
  • If you use Reflect Barrier while standing next to an opponent, you'll deal about 5% of damage to them as well as pushing them back. Added by Takeshi_kun21


  • Your Arm can cancel lots of different projectiles. Added by Rainbowsnivy


  • You can easily abuse the Super Armour from Rock Smash, so get up and personal while using it for max damage from the fragments! Added by Rainbowsnivy


Peach - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
  • Something I only found out months ago actually from watching a CPU fight. While crouching with Peach, if you press and hold the jump button you can have her float along the ground. If your opponent has a high percentage and you don't feel like charging up her Smash attacks, use this ability of hers and nail them with her F-air. Added by Takeshi kun21


  • The Monado Arts affect his Final Smash. Depending on the art you have active (if any) you will deal a different amount of damage. No Art/Jump=40% Speed=32% Shield=28% Buster=56% Smash=20% Added by Takeshi kun21
  • Jump, Speed, and Shield pretty much have the same knockback when you don't have an art active. Buster, because the mode decreases knockback, mainly does the most damage and will not launch opponents far. Smash mode, although deals the least amount of damage, pretty much guarantees a K.O. when an opponent is at 15% or more because of its increased launch. Added by Takeshi kun21
  • Although you have to remember with Shulk you can't change his Monado Art while he has the Smash Ball! So you might want to select the art before grabbing it. Added by Takeshi kun21


  • In Training, use P1 as Lucario and the CPU as Fox. Go to Corneria (or Hyrule Temple in the Wii U version). Once Fox has 42% damage, use Aura Sphere. That move can beat a lot of challenges in the 3DS version! Added by Cecilia.botelho1
  • When charging Aura Sphere, anyone caught in the forming sphere will be dealt damage. Try charging as long as possible until they escape it! Added by Zeemmoro Lucario


  • Greninja's recovery can be used to push enemies off the stage and give them the small nudge to be KO'd. Make sure you try hitting them with the tail end of the water stream, and make sure not to accidentally KO yourself. Added by Zeemmoro Lucario


  • His recovery is very powerful at the start, so try to get enemies there. Added by Eoin McDonnell
  • His down special can reduce your falling speed, so use that carefully. Added by Eoin McDonnell
  • Also, his down taunt can kill those grabbing onto ledges. Added by Eoin McDonnell


  • Side-B can deflect projectiles, and if you repeatedly tap B, then it lasts longer. Added by Eoin McDonnell
  • You can pick up a Gyro after it is thrown, so use this to rack up huge combos. Added by Eoin McDonnell


  • Kirby: When he floats, it's easy to go on top of the cage on the boxing ring and wait for it to fall on other fighters. Added by TheUltraman
  • When opponents are right next to you and have over 80% damage, use his down special on the ground to push them far away. The higher the damage they have, the farther they'll get pushed. Be sure to be careful, because if they aren't close enough, they will have a chance to grab you. Added by Paul2

Post your tips and tricks in the comments (for ANY character in the game) and they'll be added to the list! Remember to indicate which character your strategy pertains to! Happy smashing!

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